Ravelry Roundup: Sporting Mittens

Lots of knitters use Ewe Ewe yarns and they share their patterns on Ravelry. There's so many great ideas and I love to see how people use my yarn and turn it into amazing projects! Here are just a few.

Sheep! Look at the mittens stashcastlerock knit in our Ewe So Sporty yarn. The Valais Blackness Sheep Mittens look simply adorable and now I want a pair!

CloverHill calls the project "1st mittens" on Ravelry. Does that mean they are the first pair of mittens that she's ever knit? Because they're pretty amazing! What's better than pink and white chevron mittens, not much I say!

The pair of Techie Twosome knit by catmujer in Ewe So Sporty yarn are pretty great. I really like that she's keeping warm with her beer instead of a smart phone. That seems like a win to me!

What a beautiful pair of fingerless gloves KansanAtHeart knit for her sister! Knitters are so nice.

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Funkasonic KAL Weekly Roundup

The Funkasonic KAL is moving right along and Heidi at Hands Occupied has some more excellent tutorials to finish off the mittens and mukluks.

Grafting the stitches at the end of a mitten or at the toe of a sock can seem daunting but if you follow the steps it moves along and you're across the row in no time. Watch a video on how to bind off with the Kitchener stitch >

I love seeing knitters' progress on their PostStitch box projects! Here's a great photo of valerieclaires' Funkasonic Mukluk in progress.

And stringgeekzoe has a good thing going with her Funkasonic Mittens. Perfectly knit brioche cuff right here!

It's so fun to see everyone using my Ewe So Sporty yarn for these patterns. Remember to check out Heidi's website to see these projects and lots more. Find the Funkasonic Mittens and Funkasonic Mukluks patterns on Ravelry. 

Ewe Ewe Yarns Top Best-Sellers List!

That's right! Ewe So Sporty and Wooly Worsted yarns by Ewe Ewe have topped the best-selling yarns list at NobleKnits.com. First place went to Wooly Worsted and second place Ewe So Sporty, both great, washable merino yarns. I know I'm always talking about how nice the yarn is and how bouncy it is to knit but it really is true!

From their post it sounds like all of the favorite yarns are great. "The results are in and it’s time to look at the most popular yarns for 2015. Knitters went for tried and true quality fibers that were soft, colorful and easy care, too!"

Take a look at their entire list and also read some of the 5-star product reviews on their website!