Learn it now! Brioche Knitting Tutorials

I think brioche knitting has to be one of the hottest trends I'm seeing this season. There's amazing patterns by designers like Stephen West and Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark that feature brioche knitting and purling. Look at these!

Brioche creates a fully reversible fabric and gives a very different effect from regular knits and purls. I have tried it a few times from reading different tutorials but I didn't have much success. But my friend Meaghan at the Unapologetic Knitter has put together an AMAZING video series on how to brioche knit. 

The five video series includes all you ever need to know to create a successful brioche project. The series is jam-packed with info:

The posts are filled with tips and helpful shots of exactly how to knit this trendy stitch pattern. I have never worked brioche before and look! Two colors!!

Brioche knitting in Wooly Worsted yarn


I did run into a few hiccups but they were my fault and not the fault of my teacher. Meaghan does recommend placing a marker on the right side of the work so you can tell when you need to be BRK-ing or BRP-ing (look at me with the lingo!) on a row. But after I put a little brain power behind it I could clearly see that if I was working with Color A and that color's knits were facing then I needed to BRK and if the purls were facing then I needed to brioche purl.

All in all, I think this video series is easy to learn from, well planned and beautifully presented. Meaghan does use both Ewe Ewe yarns, Ewe So Sporty and Wooly Worsted for these videos and for good reason! Says Meg,

"It's such a good yarn to learn new skills. It's springy so the knitter gets nice tension but tightly twisted enough that it takes a beating and doesn't get fuzzy if you need to rip out and try again. Love my Ewe Ewe!"

Wow! Thanks! Let's knit together, you bring the new skills and I'll bring the yarn! ;) 

But seriously, if you're looking to learn brioche, go watch Meaghan Schmaltz's amazing tutorials now!

Visit the Unapologetic Knitter >

Class Time! Color Theory in Columbus, OH

It's not often that I teach a class but when Esther from Yarn It & Haberdashery called me and asked me to come visit I jumped at the chance! I'll be in town for our yarn industry trade show and on Thursday night I'll be teaching you all about color theory and how to choose coordinating colors for your knitting projects! 

Color is kinda my thing. I love it, I dream about it, I ponder new colors every day. All the colors of Ewe Ewe yarn are my own and they each have a reason and a purpose in our color wheel.

It's going to be a great class and I think it will be great for every level of knitter. We'll go over how to choose colors that work together and why they do. Then I'll show you how to break those rules to get the results you want! If you're in the Columbus area, I hope to see you there!

Here's the details:

Ewe Ewe Color Theory Workshop
Thursday, May 28, 2015, 6-7 pm
Instructor: Heather Wapole, Owner of Ewe Ewe yarns
Level: All Welcome
Max 15 students
Class Fee: $15

As knitters and creative people we often find ourselves drawn to a specific set of colors. If a project calls for three colors of yarn we can choose them quickly but from those three colors how do we choose which yarn will act as the main color and which colors play the supporting roles? In this workshop Heather will present an interactive class on how to choose colors and what combinations will work in the most unexpectedly pleasant ways from all the yarns in our store. Attendee’s will receive 10% discount on all Ewe Ewe yarn purchased during this class. 

Materials: an open mind and notepad, pencil for notes.

Sign up at yarnitanddash.com >

Ravelry Round Up: See what knitters are making!

I love to see what people make with Ewe Ewe yarns. It's so fun to watch people create something with the yarn that I conceived! 

First up is Sidera, a lovely wrap designed by Anthony Caselena. This version was knit by Kelly Judson at Double Ewe Yarn Shop in Circle Pines, MN.

Sidera shawl

Such an amazing shop sample! Kelly used Ewe So Sporty yarn in colors Lemon Chiffon, Brushed Silver and Charcoal and they look simply epic together! Love this thing.

Sidera striped shawl

I'm in love with this perfect Freckles Scarf by guile on Ravelry. Here she shows off her lace and color work skills in Ewe So Sporty Saffron, Charcoal and Vanilla colorways. 

Freckles Scarf

And last but not least is one of my favorite infinity scarves, the Color Theory Cowl

Color Theory Cowl
Color Theory Cowl wrapped

Cindy from Pearl Fiber Arts in Portland, Oregon knit a perfect version using two strands of Ewe So Sporty held together. The color combo of Vanilla, Brushed Silver and Aquamarine are just great! Plus, she slipped the first stitch of each row to give the cowl a different edging. Love it!