Ewe Ewe Event: Yarnover Truck @ Bagby Beer in Oceanside

I'll be hanging out at an event with the Yarnover Truck on January 28! The truck will be at Bagby Beer Company in Oceanside, CA from 1-5 pm. Woohoo!

The Yarnover Truck is the first yarn store on wheels and this little mobile treasure travels all over Southern California. I'm so excited to have them come to my favorite local brewery and spend the day with them. We'll have lots of samples, a few sips of beer, and tons of laughs. 

The details:


Where: Bagby Beer Company
  601 S Coast Highway
  Oceanside, CA 92054
When: Saturday, January 28, 2017; 1 to 5 pm.
Who: Yarnover Truck and Heather Walpole
What: A trunk show, meet-and-greet, knitting fun!

Questions? Email me.

2-Hour Pussy Cat Hat {free knitting pattern}

Pussy Cat Hat

I've had a ton of requests for a hat pattern using Ewe Ewe yarns for the Pussy Hat Project. This is a political movement and while you may or may not support it this is a cute hat that you can make in pink or any other color. It's up to you!

Politics aside, I am happy that more and more people are learning to knit just to make these hats. Let's support new knitters and get them casting on whatever the case! Here is our free hat knitting pattern and as the name suggests – it's quick to make!

Pussy Hat Project knitting pattern

2-Hour Pussy Cat Hat

Ewe Ewe Yarns Pattern #131
Designed by Heather Walpole

Measurements: 8-9" high, 17" around; stretches to fit 23-24" head
Yarn: Ewe Ewe Baa Baa Bulky, 132 yards; 1 skein (10 Berry).
Needles: US 15 (10 mm) 16" circular knitting needles
Supplies: Stitch marker, darning needle
Gauge: 8 sts to 4" in stockinette stitch

Notes: The yarn is held double throughout the hat by being pulled from the outside and inside of the skein. This hat uses the entire ball for an adult size hat.


With yarn held doubled, cast on 42 stitches, place marker and join in the round being careful not to twist cast-on stitches.
Round 1: *K1, P1, rep from * around.
Repeat Row 1 for 9 rounds more.

Round 11: Knit around.
Continue to work as for Round 11 until hat measures 8-9" from the beginning or until there is about 1½ yards of yarn left.

Bind off.

Pull the remaining yarn through the last stitch, lay the hat flat and sew a seam across the top to close the hat. This will form the finished kitty cat ears.

Wear you new hat with pride!

Find this pattern on Ravelry >

2016 Recap: 15 NEW Knitting + Crochet Patterns!

2016 Recap of Knitting Patterns

I like the New Year because it's a good time to look back and see what you've accomplished. Maybe there's a little, maybe there's a lot, maybe it will help you focus for what you want the New Year to bring!

To me, 2016 felt like a rollercoaster. My best friend moved away, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, again, my dog died and I got a super gross spider bite that has left a huge scar! Those are just the lowlights that I can remember off the top of my head. But I am a happy person and a positive thinker and I find that I can't help but be happy when I look at Ewe Ewe! I love when Ewe Ewe looks like the fun and happiness we all need so each yarn color has a purpose and each pattern is pretty, quirky or just plain silly.

This year we added 15 new patterns for Ewe So Sporty and Wooly Worsted yarns. There is a little bit of everything from a baby blanket to cozy socks, scarves and cowls, and a whole bunch of fun hats. We have guest designs from Sarah Jo Burch who once worked at Vogue Knitting and the clever stylings of Amber Darling with her hilarious message hats.

Here's the big list of what was new new at Ewe Ewe in 2016!

  1. BUZZ OFF Beanie in Wooly Worsted yarn.
  2. Serenity Slouch Socks in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  3. Wild Fiber brioche cowl in Wooly Worsted yarn.
  4. Frontside Flip hat in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  5. Nectar Scarf in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  6. Rush lace cowl in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  7. Knit Hard banner free pattern in Wooly Worsted yarn.
  8. Head to the Sleigh! hat in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  9. Bohemian Grove crochet fringed cowl in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  10. Stacks children's sweater in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  11. Hatstraction in Wooly Worsted yarn.
  12. Bibbidi Bobbidi Blanket in Ewe So Sporty yarn.
  13. Turkey Says What? hat in Wooly Worsted yarn.
  14. Me and the Tree Scarf Set in Wooly Worsted yarn.
  15. Positive Vibes hat in Wooly Worsted yarn.

Use code: BESTOF2016 to get 25% OFF these and any Ewe Ewe patterns on eweewe.com or Ravelry through 1/7/17.

And this long list doesn't even include our exiting and hugely successful Baa Baa Bulky yarn and pattern range that debuted this year! 

Wooly Worsted yarn heart

I want to say thank you for being a part of the joy that Ewe Ewe is about. It may seem like there's a team here but there really isn't. It's me, Heather, back here typing, planning, photographing, shipping orders and posting messages. That's all! This business is as small as a small business can be and I really do appreciate you stopping by to see what's new. Hello!

I hope you have a happy and healthy 2017 and that knitting will continue to bring you endless hours of delight and relaxation. Cheers to a bright New Year!

Top 10 Most Popular Knitting + Crochet Patterns in 2016

It's the end of 2016 and here's what were the most popular knitting and crochet patterns this year. There's a whole range of techniques and styles and there's a lot to choose from!

Top baby blanket knitting patterns: 

Both the Buttercup Baby Blanket and the Peek A Blue Blanket are easy knitting patterns for blankets that show off a few stitches in a sampler style. They both features Ewe Ewe's Ewe So Sporty washable merino yarn.

Favorite scarf and shawl knitting patterns:

The Nectar Scarf has a simple bias knit design that uses three colors in a unique set of colors in constantly changing stripes. The Double Deco is a much larger and more generous shawl that meshes four colors to create a modern wrap using Ewe So Sporty yarn.

Top worsted-weight crochet patterns:

We love crochet around here! The Wearever Wrap is the best-seller once again and our newer Show Off Shrug is turning heads, too. Made in Wooly Worsted yarn, these two shoulder-warmers will hug you in style.

Top hat knitting patterns:

A good, basic beanie never goes out of style. That's why the Family of Hats which has a hat for everyone made our best-seller list yet again! The Sand & Sea hat is also at the top of the charts because of it's simple but fun-to-knit Fair Isle patterning.

Top mitts to keep your fingers warm:

Mittens are the best. My hands are always cold and I have to say, the Miss Match Mittens are my favorite thing to grab when I walk the dog this time of year. And, I've also been known to sit at my desk wearing the Techie Twosome (which may be how they got their name!) :) 

Get the patterns!

We hope you enjoyed Ewe Ewe's Best Of 2016 knitting and crochet patterns. Use code BESTOF2016 to get 25% OFF these patterns either here on eweewe.com or Ravelry through 1/7/17.

Candy Cane Cowl Knitting Pattern

There's nothing like a little holiday cheer to warm you up. Make the Candy Cane Cowl in Baa Baa Bulky yarn! This sweet little project is a quick knit.

Designed by Cait St. George for Cream City Yarn, she says, "A little cowl full of holiday cheer! Inspired by my favorite candy this easy colorwork pattern knits up quick in bulky yarn and is perfect if you’re looking to give stranded knitting a try."

Get the Candy Cane Cowl pattern on Ravelry >

See Baa Baa Bulky yarn >

Visit Cream City Yarn in Brookfield, WI or their online shop >

Knit a Baby Beard!

What's cuter than a little kid in a hand-knit beard? Not much!

You can knit this adorable little Santa beard for a baby or kid in your life. Better yet, knit them for all the kiddos and take the cutest Christmas card on Earth! 

The Baby Beard knitting pattern is available on Ravelry for just $2 and comes in two sizes, baby and toddler. Knit using Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted yarn, this beard is soft and washable and one skein makes two baby-sized beards! Those twins are gonna win at Christmas.

Get a kit! The Baby Beard is designed by our friends at PostStitch and you can get a complete kit that comes with the pattern and one ball of Wooly Worsted yarn packed in a sweet holiday bag. The Baby Beard Kit is available at poststitchbox.com for $12. Fun! 

Get the Baby Beard pattern >

Get the Baby Beard Kit >

Baa Baa Band {free headband knitting pattern}

Baa Baa Band free headband pattern

These headbands are fast and fun to make! The basket weave stitch pattern is addicting to knit and soft and bouncy to wear. Great for you or any littler members of the family! Try Baa Baa Bulky yarn >

Baa Baa Band Free Headband Knitting Pattern


Ewe Ewe Yarns Pattern #130
Designed by Heather Walpole
Sizes: Baby (Kid, Adult)
Measurements: 14 (18, 22)" circumference; 3 (4½, 4½)” high
Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns, Baa Baa Bulky, 132 yards
    1 skein (30 Saffron) makes 2 adult headbands
Needles: US 10.5 (6.5 mm) 16" circular knitting needles
Supplies: Stitch marker, yarn needle
Gauge: 14 sts and 20 rows to 4" stockinette stitch.


Cast on 56 (64, 72) sts, place marker and join in the round being careful not to twist cast on sts.

Rounds 1-3: *K3, p5; rep from * around.

Round 4: Knit.

Rounds 5-7: *P4, k3, p1; rep from * around.

Round 8: Knit. 

For Kid and Adult sizes only: Work Rounds 1-8 one time more.

For ALL sizes: Work Rounds 1-3 one time more.
Bind off as for Round 4.

Weave in all yarn ends. Block headband using steam or wet-blocking to set the stitches. Love!

Download the PDF of the Baa Baa Band headband pattern >

Baa Baa Beanie {free hat knitting pattern}

Baa Baa Beanie free hat knitting pattern

A simple, quick, basic beanie is my favorite thing to knit. That's the Baa Baa Beanie! Choose your favorite color of Baa Baa Bulky yarn and cast on. Just one ball makes a hat sized for anyone in the family! 

Baa Baa Beanie Free Hat Pattern


Ewe Ewe Yarns Pattern #129
Designed by Heather Walpole
Sizes: Baby (Kid, Adult)
Measurements: 13¾ (17, 20½)" circumference; 5 (7, 10)" high
Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns, Baa Baa Bulky, 132 yards, 1 skein (50 Pistachio)

Needles: US 10.5 (6.5 mm) 16" circular knitting needles
    US 10.5 (6.5 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
Supplies: Stitch marker, yarn needle
Gauge: 14 sts and 20 rows to 4" stockinette stitch.

Baa Baa Beanie basic free hat knitting pattern in bulky yarn


Cast on 48 (60, 72) sts, place marker and join in the round being careful not to twist cast on sts.

Round 1: *K2, P1; rep from * around.

Work as for Ribbing Round 1 until piece measures 1" from cast on edge.

Next round: Knit.

Continue to knit each round until hat measures 3 (5, 8)” from cast on edge or 2" less than desired height.

Decrease as follows changing to double-pointed needles as needed to prevent stretching the fabric. 

Round 1: *K2, k2tog; rep from * around. 36 (45, 54) sts.

Round 2: Knit around. 

Round 3: *K1, k2tog; rep from * around. 24 (30, 36) sts.

Round 4: Knit around.

Round 5: K2tog around. 26 (15, 18) sts.

Round 6: Knit around.

Round 7: K2tog (k3tog, k2tog) around. 6 (5, 9) sts.

Cut yarn leaving a 6" tail. Thread tail through remaining sts. Pull tight to close hole and secure on the inside. Weave in all yarn ends. Block hat using steam or wet-blocking to set the stitches. Love!

Click here to download a PDF of the Baa Baa Beanie hat pattern >

New at Ewe Ewe: Knitter's Notions Tins

Meet the Ewe Ewe Knitter's Tool Tin! This little Altoids-size tin packs a wallop of helpful knitting tools with a sweet message to "knit what you love". Let's take a peek inside and see what's in store!

WHAT! Look at all of that stuff! These are straight up essential knitting notions dialed down to their best. A new, avid, and even expert knitter will use all of these supplies at some point and this little tin brings it right to your fingertips because it's so easy to toss into any knitting project bag!

Let's take a look at what's inside. We'll start at the top right and work our way down and counterclockwise. 

First we have a double-ended crochet hook that is perfect for fixing a dropped stitch. The two ends mean that it works for several weights of yarn.

Next are miniature scissors to snip your yarn that pack a mighty punch! Whether it's a skinny thread to snip or a bulky wool, these sharp little scissors will do the job.

Meet your new cute sheep measuring tape. This little guy comes in a variety of colors and has a retractable tape measure for checking your distance when you're on the go.

To keep you on pattern, use this row counter. Also, you won't leave it at home because it doubles as a sparkly stitch marker so you can keep it right on your project!

There comes a time when every knitter needs a cable needle and this one will always be there.

And so will this ever-ready stitch holder.

The kit includes three needles for darning and sewing. Two are sharp are perfect for adding buttons to a finished project. The third has a big eye for weaving in those finished yarn ends.

Do you ever wonder what knitting needle that is sitting at the bottom of your tote bag? Wonder no more! The cute yarn ball is a wooden needle size gauge! It has US and metric sizes measuring needles US 1-11.

This kit is packed with six locking stitch markers that can either sit on your needle or clip right to your work depending on what you need that day.

And if all that wasn't enough, these tool tins have five handmade origami star stitch markers. Aren't they so cute! I love origami! 

There you have it! So much goodness packed in a little package. Get a Ewe Ewe Knitter's Tool Tin today!

Holiday Knitting Pattern Preview

The holidays are the perfect time to wear adorable knitted items. Check out our fun Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas projects that are right on for this time of year.

5 Holiday Knitting Ideas

Meet the Stuff It Stocking

Stuff It Stocking is one of our best-selling knitting patterns, ever. It's a basic top-down sock and it's great for knitters looking to learn how to knit socks or a fun adventure for a more experienced knitter. And it takes just one ball of each color of Wooly Worsted yarn.

There's tons of ideas and color combinations on its Ravelry page. Take a look! There is also a full knit-along tutorial right here on our blog that you can use to guide your project. It's like having a knitting teacher every step of the way. See Knit-Alongs >

Get the Stuff It Stocking pattern here >

Our next two favorite holiday knitting patterns are the Me and the Tree stocking cap and the Me and the Tree Scarf Set. Both come with patterns for cute coordinating christmas tree ornaments that are mini versions of the real thing! 

And to round out the holiday season (get it?) we have the Year Round Wreath. This pattern can be worked in a variety of Wooly Worsted colors for your favorite decorating season. We even have kits for it with color combinations already put together. See kits. See Year Round Wreath knitting pattern >

And lastly we have the new Turkey Says What? hat. This might be my favorite addition to the Ewe Ewe line this year! Those little dancing turkeys with orange waddles make me giggle every time I see them saying gobble gobble. Get the Turkey Says What? hat >

See Wooly Worsted yarn >

Find a Ewe Ewe Yarn store near you! Visit our Stockists page >