I'm Heather Walpole and Ewe Ewe is my yarn company.

Ewe Ewe offers Merino yarns in in a curated palatte of 25 colors over four weights of yarn - Fluffy Fingering, Ewe So Sporty, Wooly Worsted and Baa Baa Bulky. Each color is designed to wow on its own or coordinate with any of the other colorways in our collection.

The yarns here are fun, bright and just right for your scarf, sweater, sock, baby, or hat projects.

I created Ewe Ewe Yarns to be about finding your own colorful knitting adventure. Grab a color and pair it with something unexpected! Or choose an everyday palate of neutrals. The decision is all yours!

Plus, Ewe Ewe is full of great knitting and crochet patterns. Our designs add just a touch of technique without being too overwhelming so give them a try. 

5 Things About Heather

  1. I’m a graphic designer. After graduating from Philadelphia University I worked in the newspaper industry, at a small ad agency and also had a great job designing for IKEA North America. Then I found yarn…

  2. I co-owned a yarn store with my sister! That’s right, she lured me away from my graphic design career with the colorful world of knitting.

  3. I am a crazy DIYer. I paint, sew, love to cook and am always making. I’ve done fine woodworking and even large carpentry like building a new oven cabinet with my dad and the backyard deck with my husband. I’ve helped replace the roof on our house, the rear differential on a Jaguar and most recently the radiator on our Infiniti.

  4. I enjoy an ice cold martini with three olives. And, even better, I run a bi-weekly knitting group at local breweries! You should come if you’re in town.

  5. My favorite thing to knit is hats. A hat just fits in my hands so well and I love that I can finish one kinda fast and always take it on the go.

Bonus fact: Ewe Ewe Yarns is my favorite hobby of all. This yarn company is still a small business of one (plus a husband sometimes!). I handle all the sales, accounting, marketing, inspiration, design and even ship your yarn!

Our inclusivity policy: At Ewe Ewe Yarns we believe that inclusivity matters and is the keystone of our industry and its creative future.
“All who are welcoming are welcome.” – StevenBe


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Appearance: The Knit Show with Vickie Howell.

Book: Scarves in the Round by Heather Walpole published by Stackpole Books.

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