Knitting pattern designer of the day

Hi, I'm Heather Walpole and I'm a knitting pattern designer. How fun is that? Even though I have Ewe Ewe Yarns I still do knitting patterns with OPY, Other People's Yarn! Awesome yarn. Maybe it should be OPAY? Ha.

One of the projects I had the pleasure of working on was the Gypsy Garden Pattern Booklet for Knit Collage. Did you hear me? Knit Collage. I love Amy and her yarn. Here we are at TNNA in January.

I designed the six knitting patterns in the booklet, the cowl I'm wearing up there is one of them! I also designed the layout of the booklet because I'm really a graphic designer by nature. Here's some photos of more of the Gypsy Garden goodies. Be sure to order a pattern booklet for yourself. I've seen it pop up at Purl Soho!