Cozy Coffee {free knitting pattern}

Cozy Coffee FREE Knitting pattern

Cozy Coffee FREE Knitting pattern

Caffeine? Yes, please! I'm a girl on the go and coffee and tea are a staple for me throughout the year. I love it piping hot and that means this little coffee cup cozy goes with me every day to hug my cup. And since it's knitted with Wooly Worsted washable yarn it's no problem if I spill a little, which is bound to happen knowing the way I drive! So what are you waiting for? Get knitting!

Cozy Coffee

Ewe Ewe Yarns Free Pattern #102

Designed by Heather Walpole

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted washable, 95 yards,

    Color 30, Berry, 1 skein

    Color 90, Vanilla, 1 skein or about 2 yds of scrap yarn

Needles: US 6 double-pointed knitting needles


Supplies: Stitch markers

    Darning needle

Cast on 44 stitches and divide evenly on double-pointed needles. Join in the round being careful not to twist cast on stitches.

Round 1: Work ribbing, *K2, P2* repeat from *to* around.

Repeat Round 1 until piece measures 1" from beginning.

Next round: Knit all stitches.

Work even, knitting all stitches unitl piece measures 3" from beginning.

Next round: Work ribbing, *K2, P2* repeat from *to* around.

Work in ribbing until piece measures 4" from beginning.

Bind off in rib pattern.

Using the chart, stitch logo on one side of the coffee cozy. Weave in all yarn ends and love.


Download the pattern at the link below.