Our first yarn review!

Shopping on the internet can be a challenge but our wonderful friends over at NobleKnits.com do a great job of explaining how yarns feel and knit. They just posted a video review of Wooly Worsted Washable yarn on their blog and they love it! Nancy talks about different project ideas and the quality of Ewe Ewe Yarns so you can find out just how it feels from the comfort of your home. Here's a quick quote from their video, "Another thing I like about Wooly Worsted is it's a soft, bouncy yarn. It feels great when it's knitted up. It has a lot of stretch and it doesn't get caught in your needles. I hate when my yarn gets caught in the needles and the yarn splits. This yarn doesn't to that."

We agree! It's a luxurious merino wool at a great price. Thanks, NobleKnits.com! We're so happy that Wooly has found a good home with you. And, NobleKnits.com has free shipping every day! Grab some Wooly right now!

Happy knitting! xo, Heather