Get your knit on with Wellie Warmers

I love getting reader submissions and these Wellie Warmers are a special treat. Susan said she was a little nervous about knitting socks but decided to give our pattern a try. She had never knit socks before and turning the heel seemed like a daunting task, but she did it! And it looks perfect! She said that all the other knitting projects she had worked on taught her the skills to make the socks. Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles was learned on a baby hat, picking up stitches was on her first cardigan and SSK was on a pattern for a wedding shawl for her sister-in-law to be.

How cool is that? Knitting is always an adventure! Our Wellie Warmers make a great first sock project because they're worked on size US 8 knitting needles, so the stitches are big and easy to see. And Wooly Worsted Washable is the perfect yarn choice because it's {washable}! And warm! That means you can jump in all the puddles you want, a little muck and mud isn't going to stop you! It's a great time to start your pair of Wellie Warmers, it's already September! Hurry up, Susan... I can't wait to see your finished pair all tucked in your boots!

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