BÓITHRÍN by Woolly Wormhead {free knitting pattern}

Too cute! I just finished knitting Bóithrín, a free baby hat knitting pattern from Petite Purls that features Wooly Worsted merino superwash. It's designed by Woolly Wormhead, the hat architecht herself, and I absolutely love it! The little hat knit up quickly and used a few fun techniques that are great for a beginner to learn. Actually, one of them I had never done before! 

The hat starts with a provisional cast on meaning you use scrap yarn to cast on stitches and then begin knitting with Wooly Worsted for the hat. I used this tutorial for the provisional cast on, I hadn't worked it before and this technique worked for me. 

Bóithrín is knit sideways and you work some rows of the main color -- berry for me -- then add in your secondary color -- pistachio here. Sometimes you're knitting pistachio and berry in the same row. That means you'll need to carry up the berry or pistachio yarn on any given row just like you would if you were striping a scarf or working intarsia. Here's a photo of the inside of my hat so you can see what I'm talking about:

Carrying the yarn is simple and you need to be sure you do it to make this hat work. Here's a good tutorial on twisting one color over the other to prevent holes, this is a technique used in Intarsia knitting.

The hat works up quickly, especially because I knit the infant size! But either way, it's very fun to knit. When you work the designated number of pattern repeats then it's time to graft your hat together. This grafting is done with the Kitchener stitch, another great technique! Kitchener stitch creates a row of knitting that binds two sides together seamlessly. It's often used for toes of socks and it's something I can never remember how to do. This is my go-to cheat sheet on the Purl Bee blog

After that there's just one more step and that's to sew the top. In good form, you want all those purl rows and knit rows to line up perfectly so this is where the mattress stitch does its magic. This seaming technique a must-know for all knitters and I like this video on Knitting Help

Bóithrín is a great project for a beginner to learn lots of new techniques or a fast project for an experienced knitter. Which ever you are Bóithrín is a real stunner and would definitely get all the right oohs and awws and any baby shower! Happy knitting!