TNNA: Columbus 2012

Here's how it starts...

As a vendor we get one day to transform our little corner of the marketplace. This is my 10x10 foot trade show booth, a couple of rented tables and a tiny sign. Then after a few hours, a lot of help from my sister and friend and airing out a couple tightly stuffed suitcases we have this...

Wow! Samples, heart garland, signs and yarn!

What is TNNA, you ask? Why does the yarn industry decend on an unsuspecting city? Why are knitters so crazy?? Well, I can answer the first two questions... TNNA is the National Needlearts Association and they plan two big trade shows per year at convention centers. The trade shows are specifically for designers and yarn companies, like Ewe Ewe, to have a booth and exhibit their products to yarn stores. The yarn store owners come to shop and shop and shop. This marketplace in Columbus is where yarn stores buy their new products for Fall and Winter knitting. It's a big work event but it's also a lot of fun.

The knitting industry is a small community and you really get to know the people you work with so seeing them at TNNA is like a big reunion. Plus you get to meet new friends which is awesome. Here's the Knitspot girls hanging out in my booth.

This was our one year anniversary and it was great! The Ewe Ewe booth was hopping the whole show so thank you to all of our loyal yarn stores and hello to all the new ones! Happy knitting!