Stuff It Stocking KAL: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Stuff It Stocking KAL. I hope you made it through Part 1 without any problems. Today we'll be working on the body of the stocking and working stripes without cutting the yarn. Sounds fun! 

Body of Stocking 

For the body of the stocking we will be working a stripe pattern of three rows with Color B and two rows with Color C. With all these stripes we don't want to have to cut the yarn each time we change colors so we'll carry the yarn up the inside of the stocking with a simple twist. You'll have two balls of yarn attached to your project but that's much easier than weaving in all those ends if you had to cut the yarn each time!


To begin, cut Color A and set that skein aside. Add Color B and begin knitting. Work three rounds.


Leave Color B attached and add Color C. Knit two rounds with Color C.


Now you will perform a skilled, expert knitting magic trick. Keep Color C attached, reach down inside your stocking, find Color B and gently pull it behind Color C. Begin knitting with Color B and work your three rows.

It may not look like much now but by simply bringing one yarn behind the other in the same direction on each color change will link them together to prevent holes from forming. And no crazy ends to weave in!


After a few rows you should have a nice tidy link system hidden inside your stocking. Knitting hocus pocus!


Continue working the five rows of the stripe pattern until you have eight sets. Work three more rounds with Color B.


Now work one only one round with Color C.

And that's it! Day 2 of the Stuff It Stocking KAL is complete. To continue following along check in again on Tuesday, December 10.

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