Introducing: Notes to Knit By Knitting Notepads

Meet our new Notes to Knit By! Notes to Knit By are knitting notepads specifically designed for your works in progress. Do you have a ton of WIPs? I know I do. Every good knitter does! We developed the Notes to Knit By with you in mind, never lose your place in your knitting again! Take a look.

Here's how to use the Notes to Knit By and to never lose your place in your knitting again, no matter how long you hide it in the back of your closet! 

Pattern Name: How often does your pattern get seperated from the knitted pieces? Write down the pattern name so you can find it later.

Size: What size garment you are making? Did you cast on for the 36 or the 40? The 6 month or the 12 month? Write down your size.

Needle Size: Did you take your needles out and leave the stitches on a string of yarn? Yes! Write down your needle size. 

Location in Pattern: Where are you in the knitting pattern? Be specific! Write down the exact piece you are knitting including the row number. 

Notes: Then we have an extra section for notes to yourself. Do you need something extra for this pattern? Add details so you don't forget when you get back to your project. 

Plus! Each notepad features holes at the top of the page to tie your note right to your knitting project. 

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