Wearever Wrap Class

Our Ewe Ewe yarn shop, Unwind hosted a class just for the Wearever Wrap crochet shawl. The class is part of a larger program called Knitting University. Unwind feels that learning basic crochet is an integral part of being an expert knitter. I agree! Check out the cool color combinations of the Wearever Wrap these ladies put together!

wearever wrap Therese_1.jpg

Ohh! Here we have Wooly Worsted in Lavender being used as the main color. I like the Sapphire as the dark tone followed up with Soft Sage, Brushed Silver, Berry and Vanilla. A tasty shawl for sure! 

wearever wrap Rhonda _1.jpg

It looks like this main yarn color will be Charcoal since there's two skeins in the pile. Add in some Indigo, Brushed Silver, Teal, Sapphire and a pop of pink with that Berry Wooly Worsted!  

wearever wrap malou _1.jpg

Check out this Wooly Worsted combo! Natural tones like Wheat, Saffron, Vanilla and Chocolate will look great with a pop of Orange Peel and Red Poppy!

wearever wrap Lauren _1.jpg

It's so fun to see the ladies getting started on their Wearever Wraps. Crochet is fun and the Wearever Wrap is a nice change for a knitter that might want a quick crochet project. Plus, the color combinations with Wooly Worsted yarn are endless!  

Click here to read more about the Wearever Wrap. 

Check out Unwind in Burbank, CA.