Wrapping up the KAL - Double Deco in action

Today's the day! The last day to finish up (or get as far as you can) with this lovely Knit Along. 

We've loved every stitch of it. Thank you for taking this knitting journey with us! Seeing your color ideas, progress shots, chatting about techniques-- it's been fabulous.

So... how did we do? Here's my Vanilla-Brushed Silver- Indigo -Orange Peel version:

I knit REALLY LOOSE on this one, and my wrap turned out big and long and luscious. Normally I am such a tight knitter, it was really liberating to just let 'er rip and not worry about my gauge at all. I love how it turned out!

It's been such fun. I hope to keep in touch with you guys for more fun knitting adventures! Follow me (Leah, aka Ruby Submarine) on Twitter, Instagram, Ravelry, and Facebook.

Here's hoping your knitting is going smoothly. I can't wait to see more completed projects! #DoubleDecoKAL