Double Deco KAL Week 6

We're in the home stretch, friends!!! The KAL ends November 11th.

As you work your final stripes, take note of the difference in the last section of Wing 1 -- you will be working your Color A stripe and NOT the color C stripe until after the Wing 2 stripes are completed... then you'll pick up stitches with color C and work your final rows and bind off. This will create the lovely finished edge as shown (the final stripe, Color C, is in aquamarine here):

Make sure you bind off loosely as the pattern directs! A nice stretchy edge is key to keeping the lovely drape of the shawl.

Check in on our Ravelry thread to let us know how you're doing! It's ok if you're behind-- It's a lot of knitting. It'll be worth it!

Next week we'll post about our finished (or growing) shawls. I can't wait to show you how mine turns out-- I'm allllmost done!