Part 1: Starting your stocking and making a hem

Welcome to the first section of our Stuff It Stocking knit along. We're excited you're here! In this post we'll be starting our stockings. The topics include how to cast on to double-pointed knitting needles, knitting in the round and making a knitted hem.

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We're also excited that we have Ewe Ewe yarn stores participating in the KAL! Check out these stores, call to see what time they're knitting their Stuff It Stockings and maybe you can knit along with them!

Let's get started! 

christmas stocking supplies


To complete the Stuff It Stocking you will need: 

  • one skein of three colors of Wooly Worsted yarn
  • a set of five size US 8 (5 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
  • one stitch marker

For my stocking I chose colors Pistachio, Vanilla and Black Licorice.

Now we need to decide how we'll use them. Before you begin the stocking choose which color of yarn will be Color A for the top, heel and toe. Color B makes the larger stripes and Color C the smaller contrasting stripes on the body of the stocking.

Here's my layout:

  • Color A: Pistachio
  • Color B: Black Licorice
  • Color C: Vanilla
casting on to double-pointed needles


Using Color A cast on 52 stitches. I like to cast on to one needle and then slip the necessary number of cast on stitches on to the other three needles. 

casting on to double-pointed needles
casting on to double-pointed needles

Carefully slip one stitch at a time on to a new needle until you have 13 stitches on four needle. Set the knitting needles in a circle and be sure that the cast on edge is not twisted.

Now with your fifth needle, knit with the yarn coming from your last cast on stitch in to your first cast on stitch. This joins the knitting in the round.

Place your stitch marker on the needle after your first stitch to mark the beginning of the round. The beginning of the round is really before the first stitch but this helps us keep track of the round and then the stitch marker won't fall off the needle.

knitting with double pointed needles

Continue knitting across the first double-pointed needle until all 13 stitches are on the righthand needle and the lefthand needle is empty. Rotate your work and knit the next 13 stitch from the next needle.

knitting with double-pointed needles

Continue knitting in the round from needle to needle. Simple slip your stitch marker on to the righthand needle as you come to it. 

knitting in the round

Once your work measures 2" from the cast on edge you are ready to start the hem. Be sure to measure when you have completed a full round of knitting, in other words before you start the needle with the stitch marker on it. When measuring, be sure to measure from just under your knitting needle to the edge of your work for an accurate measurement.

making a knitted hem

Make Hem

Creating this hem will give the top of your stocking a nice finished edge. The hem is basically made by knitting two stitches together – one from the left needle and one from the cast on edge.

Start by folding the cast on edge up toward the back of your work placing the wrong-sides together. The first cast on stitch should meet the back of the first stitch on your needle. 

making a knitted hem

Insert the knitting needle in to the first stitch at the beginning of the round. Pick up one stitch from the cast on edge and knit it with the stitch on the needle. Repeat for each of the 52 stitches.

making a knitted hem

Here's how it looks as you make your way around. This photo shows three completed needles and the fourth needle waiting to be hemmed.

making a knitted hem

Here is the completed hem! You can see that we've hidden the inside of the fabric and made a rounded edge for the top of the stocking.

knitting in the round

Continue knitting normally until the piece measures 2" from the hemmed edge. 

And that's it! Day 1 of the Stuff It Stocking KAL is complete. To continue following along check in again on Tuesday, December 9.

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