A Quick Knitting Tip for Raglan Shaping

Knitting a raglan sweater usually means casting on stitches at the neck and then increasing to build the front, arms and back of the sweater. When the sweater gets to the desired dimensions you divide for the sleeves and then carry on knitting the body of the sweater. 

I am knitting our new Sporty Stripe Cardi in Brushed Silver Ewe So Sporty yarn and it's moving along so quickly because I simply can't wait to wear it! For the size cardigan I am knitting I know I need to get to 116 stitches across the back of the sweater before I divide for the sleeves. I'm not one for using a row counter – mostly because I can't remember if I've clicked it or not! – so I came up with this quick solution. 

Sporty Stripe Cardi shaping

I added a second stitch marker! When I got to 100 stitches for the back I tucked this other marker next to the first making sure that it's one that's a different size and a different style than the marker that shows my raglan shaping. Now when I increase at the raglan marker a stitch adds in between these two markers so I can quickly count how many increases I've done since my last BIG count. Cuz, let's be honest. Counting ALL your stitches takes more time than knitting some days!