Book Review: She Makes Hats

My friend Robyn Devine has written a light and inspiring book about her journey as a knitter. Robyn began knitting about 15 years ago and never looked back. She didn't start small because it seems like small is not something she knows. Her second project was a huge blanket with hundreds of stitches. Then more blankets and a few attempts at sweaters.

With a decade of knitting under her belt and a new life settled in Omaha, Robyn was itching for a challenge. She set herself the goal of knitting 100 hats in a year which is pretty lofty. Two hats per week is a lot of knitting and takes a solid dose of perseverance.

She did it.

And she didn't stop there! Robyn turns to her knitting, the simple knits and purls, whenever she gets the chance. Her hats have grown into a lifelong project of charity donations. She's turning yarn into hats and in turn creating tangible love. Follow along on her journey through life, having children and finding new experiences through happy accidents in She Makes Hats

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All the uplifting stories in her book inspired me to join her in her hat-making goals and that's why we partnered for our first Charity Hat-Along. Read more about how you can donate hats to charity.