Color Combos for Double Deco

This post was written by Leah Coccari-Swift who will be leading the Double Deco KAL beginning October 1. To join the KAL or see more info click here.

How do you pick a color combination?

When choosing colors for the Double Deco KAL shawl, I was faced with a dilemma. There were hundreds of beautiful 4-color possibilities using Ewe So Sporty. Choosing one was not easy! Here's how I did it. If you're having Deco-dilemmas, maybe this will help.

-Play around with swatches

I know I am not alone in loving the heck out of putting colors next to other colors. Any of these would have been fun! Feel free to use these ideas in your own shawl.

So many options, so little time...

So many options, so little time...

-Listen to your gut

The orange just kept calling out to me. So we're using Orange Peel! I also love the color “Brushed Silver” and knew they would work well together. 2 colors down!


-Try complementary shades

Indigo and orange are very nearly opposite eachother on the color wheel, and there is often a wonderful symmetry and balance to using complementary colors as accents.


-Balance it out

When using bright colors, I try to balance them with neutral tones, so I chose Vanilla as the fourth color.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

How do you chose what colors to use together? Which of these examples are you drawn to?