Double Deco KAL Week 1

Here we go, casting on for the Double Deco Knit Along! This post was written especially for those beginning knitters who want to learn a bit more about the techniques used in the wrap.

I'm using the following colors for my project:

Color A: Vanilla (main color for wing 1)

Color B: Brushed Silver (main color for wing 2)

Color C: Indigo (contrast color for wing 1)

Color D: Orange Peel (contrast color for wing 2)


Counting garter stitch ridges:

"Wait, how much have I knit already?"

Even when you're keeping track of your work with a row counter or pen and paper, it is natural that you may lose track. I know I do! Here's how to look at the Right (front) side of your knitting to count your rows.

Picking up stitches:

Once you have your 16 total ridges (10 in color A, 6 in color C), stow the yarnballs as shown on the nearest end of your circular needle with a clothespin.

Then pick up your stitches along the straight side of the work.

Now we're ready to cast on the remaining stitches for wing 2!

Knitted cast-on:

Click here for a great video demonstrating the knitted cast-on.

How are you doing so far?


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