Year Round Wreath Knit Along: Day 1

It's here! Time to start our Year Round Wreath knitting and crochet project. Today we're going to work on the main part of the wreath and learn how to work these stripes without cutting the yarn. Awesome, let's get started!

Year Round Wreath Knit Along

If you want to read more details about the knit along you can see the intro post here. I decided to make a Valentine wreath for my project. Here's my Cotton Candy, Berry and Red Poppy Wooly Worsted yarn along with the 12" wreath foam form, my US 10 knitting needles and my trusty K/10.5 hook. Party on! 

Wreath knitting supplies

First we need to pick our color order. I chose the Berry as my Color A and I'll be striping it with Cotton Candy as my Color B. The wreath with have pretty red roses, perfect for Valentine's Day! 

With my Berry and my knitting needles I'm going to cast on 32 stitches using the long-tail cast-on.


A long-tail cast-on is not crucial for this project but if you do use it you can count it as Row 1.


And just start working as for your second row, a purl row. Do note that this row-skipping really only works with a long-tail cast-on. Be sure you work four rows; knit, purl, knit, purl. And that brings us to the best part of the day! 

How to knit stripes with out cutting the yarn

How to knit stripes without cutting the yarn!

Look at that! It's such an easy technique that you're going to love because it saves a ton of time and there won't be all those extra ends to weave in when we're done! If you're an experienced knitter you may already know this simple trick but I like to make sure the newer knitters can pick up some good tips!

Add a second color

Step 1: Add your second color. You don't need to tie a knot, just get the yarn in the working position and remember, don't cut the first color!

Leave a tail to weave in later

Step 2: Leave about a 6" tail of Color B to weave in later. Knit across the row and then purl back to this position.

Knitting stripes with two colors

When you get back you'll see that Color A is still here waiting for you. Color B is in the normal knitting position.

Twist yarns to avoid cutting them

Step 3: Simply bring Color A over Color B to create a single twist.

Knitting stripes without cutting the yarn

Step 4: Continue knitting with the second color, Color B. Purl back.

Knit stripes without cutting the yarn!

Now we are back to the start of our row and look who's here waiting for us but Color A. Yippee! Good little Wooly.

Carry colors up the inside of a project

Step 5: Gently lift the first color and begin knitting your new row with it. Be sure not to pull too hard on this first stitch because that may warp the edge of the knitting project. Leave a nice, easy tension as you bring the new yarn color up to knit with it.

Leave Color B behind and just keep knitting across and purling back as normal. Remember to twist the colors again to help lift Color B toward its new destination higher up the project. 

Right side of project

Continue working in stockinette stitch. Remember when we see Vs we knit.

Wrong side of knitting project

And when we see bumps we purl! If you remember those two little things then your stockinette stitch will turn out just right.

Continue to work in your stripes without cutting the yarn! – until you have 19 stripes of both colors. Bind off and come back on Tuesday!


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