3 ways to avoid the Super Bowl as a knitter

How to Avoid the Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl Sunday and if you're anything like me you are so unexcited by this event you could cry. Football is not your thing. People wildly screaming at a television set is not your thing. Nacho cheese dip and endless pizza are not your thing (ok, those can be our thing, ssshhh.)

This Sunday leaves people like us feeling alone and alienated and not wanting to leave the house but we are knitters. We can entertain ourselves!

Here's 3 ways you can avoid the Super Bowl and enjoy a normal Sunday!

1. Pearl Fiber Arts in Portland is hosting a Super-Sportsball-Free Zone Day! Heck yes! I wish I was going to be there. There's going to be endless knitting, snacks and fun all in a yarn store. Now, that's a party! Check your local yarn store's schedule because they may be having something fun today, too.

Law & Order: SVU

2. Watch the Law & Order: SVU marathon on USA because Sergeant Benson is a badass. And! You can knit until your fingers are sore and she will fight crime for all of us.

3. Go see Wild Card. It's new this weekend. Take your knitting but you may not get much done because, you know, STATHAM. Anyway... Take your knitting at least. 

You can do it! Enjoy your Sunday with your knitting and without all the hype. Have a great day!