Designer Duo: Shameless Selfie Set

Do you take selfies? I bet you do! I know I do but I just don't post them very often. I love this hilarious take on a selfie by designer Meaghan Schmaltz. She took the cutest selfie in her new cowl and wrist warmer set and she even named it the Shameless Selfie Set. Ha! 

The new knitting pattern includes the design for a beautiful oversized cowl knit using in our Wooly Worsted merino yarn. That means it's super soft and you can make it in any color to match your winter coat. The pattern has an extra tip on how to make jog-less stripes so there's really no bad side to this beauty.

The wrist warmers are just right with an easy-to-knit thumb gusset. And the pattern has four sizes so you'll be sure to get a comfy pair of mitts that won't fall off. Plus, our Wooly Worsted yarn is 100% washable so there's no fear of a bumpy train ride that spills your coffee. Just wash 'em, dry 'em, good to go! 

To buy the adorable Shameless Selfie Set check out Ravelry. To find Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted yarn check out our Where to Buy page. Now get knitting and send us a shameless selfie in your new set!