Day 5: Finishing and blocking the sweater

How is your sweater? Today's our last post of the Easy As ABC baby sweater knit along! We're going to finish it and learn how to set the stitches with blocking.

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Knitted baby sweater

Here's my sweater and all the knitting is done! It looks cute but there's still the ends to weave in and I wish the stitches were sitting a bit flatter. Did you accidentally knit with the wrong size double-point? I did! Three size 7s working around the cuff and somehow a size 8 snuck in there. I really need to block my sweater to help even out those stitches!

Weaving in yarn ends

First we have the duty of weaving in our ends. There's no two ways around this part of knitting so embrace it, love it. Take your time and make it count just like all of the other stitches. My grandma always said that the inside of the work had to be just as nice as the outside!

Weaving in yarn ends on a sweater

I like to turn the whole sweater inside out so I can see exactly what I need to work on. Here's how I weave in on the wrong side.

Weaving in yarn ends on the wrong side

Thread your needle and bring your yarn up through a stitch. This will make a duplicate stitch on the wrong side of the work.

Weaving in ends in knitting

Continue moving one stitch to the left, weaving your yarn from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Invisible ends

I usually do about three stitches like this to ensure my tail is nice and snug. Wooly Worsted is a washable yarn so I like to take care and weave the ends in as securely as possible. If and when this sweater does go through a gentle wash, I want those ends to stay right where I put them!

When you're finished with all of the ends, turn the sweater back to the right side and it's time to block!

Supplies for blocking a sweater

Blocking may sound like a big process but it really isn't for a project like this. We don't need blocking wires or special matts. All we need is some wool wash (I like Soak), a big bowl, two bath towels and a little drying time.

These blocking steps are going to relax and set your knitting stitches. It just kind of makes everything look better so when the mom-to-be pulls this out of the gift bag at the baby shower everyone there will ooh and aah! 

Soak wash on knitting

Put your sweater in the bowl, add a drizzle of the wool wash and fill the bowl with cool water. Don't worry about the colors blending because Wooly Worsted is meant to be washed. The yarn is colorfast! 

Wool wash, blocking a sweater

Let the sweater soak and get fully saturated in the water. Let your puppy inspect. The sweater might bubble a bit, press on it gently to release the air. Don't swish it around, just let it absorb the water for 15-30 minutes. Don't let your puppy drink the water.

Removing excess water from knitting

When the sweater has soaked for long enough gently hold it to the bottom of the bowl and pour out the excess water. The sweater will be wet and heavy but resist the urge to ring it out. 

Get one of your towels and very gently set the sweater out on the towel. This part does not have to be perfect. The goal here is to get it to the towel without stretching it out of shape.

Blocking knitting

Fold a section of the towel over the sweater and begin to squeeze the water into the towel.

Roll sweater in a towel to squeeze out excess water when blocking

Roll the towel over the sweater, pressing and squeezing to allow the towel to absorb the excess water from the sweater.

Set sweater to dry

Lay out your fresh towel on a flat surface, preferably one without puppies or kitties. Carefully unroll the towel and gently move the sweater to the new, dry towel. It will still be wet and the yarn may look a little skimpy. That is ok! Arrange the sweater on the towel, gently smooth out the body and arms, flatten the hem, adjust the collar.

When the sweater looks the way you'd like it to be just let it dry. It might take a day or two but let the sweater dry completely on the towel. All the way dry! It's hard but it's worth it in the end. This step of blocking gives the yarn a new memory and gives the sweater a polished and finished look! The yarn will bounce back to life and have a new softness. Love!

I hope you had fun knitting the Easy As ABC baby sweater with me! I hope you learned a trick or two and had fun knitting something new. I'd love to see your photos and would also love to post them so send them over to or tag them #EasyAsABCKAL on social media! 

Read other parts of the knit along you can find them here: IntroSupply ListDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4.