New! Anthologie Crochet Scarf Pattern

It's high time you collect your favorite five colors of Ewe So Sporty yarn and crochet yourself a new scarf. The Anthologie scarf makes a super-funky oversize scarf with lots of fringe and flair. You'll start the scarf with the Vanilla panel seen above and somehow wind your way around and around and all the way to the other end. It's a crochet joy ride!

Anthologie crochet scarf pattern

Up, down, turn around, add some braids, make some fringe, wear this fun piece with pride! You can find the Anthologie scarf PDF crochet pattern here on Ewe Ewe or add it to your library on

Anthologie is a fun and not-too-challenging crochet pattern. If you know basic crochet stitches you can crochet this scarf! Anthologie uses five colors of Ewe So Sporty yarn so you can make this scarf as funky and fun as you'd like! 

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