Class Time! Color Theory in Columbus, OH

It's not often that I teach a class but when Esther from Yarn It & Haberdashery called me and asked me to come visit I jumped at the chance! I'll be in town for our yarn industry trade show and on Thursday night I'll be teaching you all about color theory and how to choose coordinating colors for your knitting projects! 

Color is kinda my thing. I love it, I dream about it, I ponder new colors every day. All the colors of Ewe Ewe yarn are my own and they each have a reason and a purpose in our color wheel.

It's going to be a great class and I think it will be great for every level of knitter. We'll go over how to choose colors that work together and why they do. Then I'll show you how to break those rules to get the results you want! If you're in the Columbus area, I hope to see you there!

Here's the details:

Ewe Ewe Color Theory Workshop
Thursday, May 28, 2015, 6-7 pm
Instructor: Heather Wapole, Owner of Ewe Ewe yarns
Level: All Welcome
Max 15 students
Class Fee: $15

As knitters and creative people we often find ourselves drawn to a specific set of colors. If a project calls for three colors of yarn we can choose them quickly but from those three colors how do we choose which yarn will act as the main color and which colors play the supporting roles? In this workshop Heather will present an interactive class on how to choose colors and what combinations will work in the most unexpectedly pleasant ways from all the yarns in our store. Attendee’s will receive 10% discount on all Ewe Ewe yarn purchased during this class. 

Materials: an open mind and notepad, pencil for notes.

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