Charity Knitting Resource – MAKE | GIVE | REPEAT

Here at Ewe Ewe Yarns we are passionate about charity knitting and crochet. Our yarns, Ewe So Sporty and Wooly Worsted are both fully machine washable and dryable making them perfect for the majority of donated projects. 

Last year my friend Robyn Devine and I led a charity hat drive for children in need and this year we were going to do it again. But then she and I got talking, and talking, and talking. Robyn said she gets emails every day from knitters and crocheters asking where they can donate their projects. There's just no good online resource for charity knitting and it would be really great if there was. Until now!

She and I teamed up to make a charity knitting HQ! We call it MAKE | GIVE | REPEAT and I'd love for you to go check it out. It's already filled with charity ideas, pattern ideas and a couple of other yarns that are great for donations.

There's a monthly charity focus with a new pattern and yarn suggestions. Robyn blogs about her other favorite charities and patterns throughout the week as well! There's lots to see so please take a minute and hop over to Subscribe to the newsletter in the righthand column and sign up for the giveaway that's happening, too!

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