New Year, New Awesome Patterns!

The start of 2016 brings a great partnership with new friends. Maybe you had guessed by the December giveaway, but Ewe So Sporty is the featured yarn for the January PostStitch boxes! And there's two great patterns tucked inside the package designed by Heidi Gustad of Hands Occupied.

GAH! I am dying from the cute! Heidi really outdid herself with these two patterns. The Funkasonic Mittens and the Funkasonic Mukluks are so fun! Can you believe how many types of stripes are up there? I love just how funky the Funkasonic set is! (That's so going to be my word of 2016, funkasonic, funkasonic, that hat is funkasonic!)

Super cute! Can I get a kit?

Yes you can! Head over to PostStitch and place an order. Start a Subscription for the BigStitch box, you can choose to get just the current month with Ewe So Sporty yarn and Heidi's Funkasonic Mittens and Mukluks or start a longer monthly subscription. Plus, I have a special code for you to get a discount! Use code: NEWEYEAR to receive $10 off your box. Woohoo! Head over to PostStitch >