Funkasonic KAL Weekly Roundup

The Funkasonic KAL is moving right along and Heidi at Hands Occupied has some more excellent tutorials to finish off the mittens and mukluks.

Grafting the stitches at the end of a mitten or at the toe of a sock can seem daunting but if you follow the steps it moves along and you're across the row in no time. Watch a video on how to bind off with the Kitchener stitch >

I love seeing knitters' progress on their PostStitch box projects! Here's a great photo of valerieclaires' Funkasonic Mukluk in progress.

And stringgeekzoe has a good thing going with her Funkasonic Mittens. Perfectly knit brioche cuff right here!

It's so fun to see everyone using my Ewe So Sporty yarn for these patterns. Remember to check out Heidi's website to see these projects and lots more. Find the Funkasonic Mittens and Funkasonic Mukluks patterns on Ravelry.