Nectar Knit Along: Day 2

Hi, friends! I am a day behind in life because yesterday my dishwasher blew up. Just totally stopped working! It had been on the fritz for a couple of days and yesterday it decided that it had had enough. And in my house we don't call a repair man... My husband is an engineer and is happy to rip our appliances apart. Do you have a husband like that? 

Long story short, I was sitting at my desk happily thinking about knitting and yarn when I heard, "NEED MORE TOWELS!" and there went the rest of my day. But, you know what? He fixed it! He got a new pump and totally fixed the ailing dishwasher. Hooray! 

Let's get back to pretty, happy yarn. Ahhhh....

Today we're going to talk about how to count rows of garter stitch. Garter stitch makes these bumpy rows on each side of the fabric and we call them ridges. One ridge equals two rows of knit stitch. You've been working in sets of 10 rows; 8 rows of Color A and then 2 rows of Color B and your scarf looks something like mine does by now. 

We can see that for each two rows of A we have 1 ridge making 4 ridges of A. Our Color B needed 2 rows which makes 1 ridge. 

For the next part of the scarf we will work in decreasing, increasing and decreasing numbers of stripes of colors B and C. The first instruction says to work 10 rows of Color B so that will mean you'll have 5 ridges when you look at the work on the right side. Always count your garter ridges from the same side of the work. 

The pattern is written in rows but those can easily be divided by two and where it says 10 rows we know we do 5 ridges. We'll work 5 ridges of B and then 5 ridges of C, 4 ridges of B and 4 ridges of C and so on down the length of the scarf. 

I hope your scarf is going well! I'm going to work through to where the pattern says to Break Color B. On Monday we'll show progress photos of our scarves so be sure to hashtag them #NectarKnitAlong or just say hello directly with @eweeweyarns. 

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