International Women's Day: Meet Heather

Today is International Women's Day and I wanted to pop in and say, "Hi!" I'm Heather Walpole and I created Ewe Ewe Yarns.

The company began from my savings account and is still owned and run soley by me. If you call I answer. Need an order? That's me! Shipping, receiving, photography, design, accounting, all me. Being a small business owner is the most exciting thing I've ever done. It's a true roller coaster ride of high and low emotions but there's nothing else I'd rather do. I love the yarn shop owners and pattern designers that I am lucky enough to work with. The knitting community is strong and it's women that make it that way! Take a minute today and think about the women who have built something in your life. Happy International Women's Day and thank you for all of your support.