Southwest Stockings KAL: Part 4 Finishing


Hello and welcome to the last day of the Southwest Stockings Knit Along! We've done a lot of knitting and now it's time to embellish our big Christmas sock. If you've knit the Cozy Socks then you're probably on your way through the second sock and almost done. For the Christmas Stocking knitters today we'll add a hang loop and top it with a pom pom. Woohoo!

Remember, you can always watch me work these steps on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell.

Knitting a hang loop for a Christmas Stocking

In the pattern it tells us to cast on 4 stitches and work back and forth in garter stitch for 6". That's all we need to do.


Now we stitch that little strip of fabric to the top edge of the stocking. Lay the top of the stocking out flat and attach the hang loop to the first 2 and last 2 stitches of the ribbing at the top of the stocking. Use the tail and the darning needle to sew it securely.

Bring the other end of the loop around and stitch that down to meet the first edge. Sew, sew, sew. Remember, this is what holds that stocking up when it's all packed with presents!

And, done! A cute little loop.

Our next job is to weave in the yarn ends inside the stocking. I usually flip mine inside out, weave them in, then flip it back the other way. When you're all done give your stocking a good blast of steam to help set the stitches. I use my regular iron set to the highest steam setting. Hover the iron over the fabric and let the steam relax the yarn. Never touch the iron to the project! Set the iron aside and let the stitches cool before touching them. Ahh, look how even!

Making a multi-color pom pom

Now for the best part, pom pom time! I made pom pom with the Llamallooma Pom-Pom Maker by Betz White. This little llama is so adorable that I had to use it. 

The first step is to wrap a long strand around the llama's body. This will be the yarn that secures the pom pom together after we cut the strands. 

I decided to make a pom pom using all 4 colors that are in my stocking so I lined them all up and wound them around the llama's legs until it was thick and full.

Next we untie that original loop and tie it tightly across our wrapped yarn.

Remove the yarn bundle and carefully cut the loops in half to make a fluffy pom pom.

Trim your pom pom to make it round. There's always weird long pieces on any pom so give it a good haircut.


And attach it to the top of the stocking by the hang loop. 

And there we have it! A finished Southwest Stockings Christmas Stocking. I can't wait for Santa to come and fill it with goodies in a few weeks!


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