Halloween Houndstooth {free cowl knitting pattern}

What are you going to wear for Trick-or-Treat? This cowl! The Halloween Houndstooth cowl is a quick knit using the perfect two colors of Baa Baa Bulky yarn. This generous cowl will keep you looking festive and staying warm while you're handing out candy or taking that little cutie around the block.

Halloween Houndstooth features a simple slip stitch pattern that is easy to knit and creates the jagged houndstooth design. Doesn't it kind of look like little bats??

Halloween Houndstooth

Ewe Ewe Yarns Pattern #134
Designed by Heather Walpole

Measurements: 13½" long and 26" circumference after blocking

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Baa Baa Bulky, 132 yarns, 100% merino
  Color A: 1 skein (99 Black Licorice)
  Color B: 1 skein (25 Orange Peel)

Needles: US 11 (8 mm) 16" circular knitting needles
Supplies: Stitch marker, darning needle
Gauge: 12 sts to 4" in stockinette stitch in the round


Don't cut the yarn at the end of each stripe! Carry the alternating colors gently up the inside of the cowl to avoid having too many ends to weave in.


With Color A, cast on 88 stitches. Place marker and join in the round being careful not to twist cast-on stitches.

Knit 2 rounds.

Round 1: With Color B, *k3, sl 1; rep from * around.
Round 2: With Color B, k2, sl 1, *k3, sl 1; rep from * around to the last stitch, k1.
Round 3: With Color A, k1, sl 1, *k3, sl 1; rep from * around to the last 2 sts, k2.
Round 4: With Color A, *sl 1, k3; rep from * around.

Repeat Rounds 1-4 until piece measures 12" from cast-on edge or approximately 14 times more.

Work Rounds 1-2 one time more.
With Color A, knit 2 rounds.
Bind of with Color A.

Weave in all yarn ends and block cowl to set the stitches. Wear your spooky new cowl!

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