#EweEweYokeAlong: Increasing in color work on the Threipmuir sweater

Thank you to those of you that wrote in asking about how to increase during the stranded knitting section of the Threipmuir sweater. Knitting an increase during color work can be a bit tricky but it’s not as bad as it seems so let’s give it a try!

On Round 3 of the chart there is a new stitch at the beginning of the chart that’s labeled as an increase. The designer asks that we work a “left lifted increase into the last KNIT stitch worked”. That sounds like a lot to unpack but it’s ok, I got you.


In the color chart the first and second stitches are to be worked in our MC. By working this increase we are creating a stitch that means we have worked BOTH the first and second stitch by the time we’re done.

Step 1: Knit the first stitch in MC.


Step 2: Insert the left needle from back to front through the stitch you just worked.


Step 3: With MC, knit into the front of the loop on the left needle (creating a twist in the loop).


This is how the stitch should look. There is a small bar under the new stitch but as you can see it fades away among the other stitches as you knit across the round.

On Round 6 of the color chart we encounter an increase at the end of the stitch pattern. In this case we will do the same thing but just knit the new stitch in a different color. Take a look.


How to work LLI with 2 colors: Knit as instructed on the color work chart across to stitch 5. Work stitch 5 in CC1 as shown, work left leaning increase as shown above but rather than using the CC1, knit the new stitch using CC2.


Let me know how it goes!

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