Carbeth Cardigan KAL: Increasing for the sleeves


Just like our arms get wider from the wrist to the bicep so must our Carbeth Cardigan sleeves. We work the ribbing and then build each row increasing a set amount up the arm creating a beautiful triangle. 

The Carbeth Cardigan specifies working an m1 increase at the beginning and end of the round but there are two types of m1 -- one that leans left and one that leans right. I think we should work an m1L at the beginning of the round and an m1R at the end. Here's how that looks: 

M1L and M1R increases on a knitted sleeve

M1L and M1R increases on a knitted sleeve

By working these two increases in succession for the length of the sleeve you can see that it creates a tidy, uniform effect. The increase row will read as follows for this:

Step A: K1, m1L, k to 1 st before marker, m1R, k1.

How to work an m1L in knitting 

Instructions: With the left needle, pick up the strand between 2 stitches from front to back, and knit through the back of the stitch.

How to work an m1R in knitting

Instructions: With left needle pick up the strand between 2 stitches from back to front and knit through the front of the stitch.

One thing to keep in mind about these increases is that they should feel hard to work -- almost like you're doing it wrong. If the stitch feels easy then it might make a hole instead of a tight stitch. Take a minute and try again.

Update from Sohini, a fellow KALer:

A friend once told me a way to remember m1L versus m1R: m1leFt means your needle goes Front-to-rear and m1Right means your needle goes Rear-to-front.

Thanks, Sohini! I think this is a great memory tip and it will definitely help me to remember which is which for the rest of my knitting life. 

Continuing the sleeves

Work the sleeves until the increases are finished and your sleeves measures the suggested length. I added a few inches after I completed my increase because, much like my body, my arms are long. Try your sleeve on as you approach the last increase and decide if it's long enough or if you'd like to add a little more distance. 

And don't forget to make a second one!

More info: Have you decided if you're working the sleeves on double-points or with magic loop? Check out my other sleeve post >

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