Carbeth Cardigan KAL: Starting the sleeves


We're ready to start the sleeves for our Carbeth Cardigan! These sleeves work up fast because they're in the round and don't require a seam. 


One of the questions I've been asked most about this project is, "Should I work the sleeves on double-pointed needles or with magic loop?" Well, my answer is ... It's up to you! Both methods are great ways to knit small circumference projects.


Double-pointed needles or DPNs are the tried and true technique for knitting small items in the round. We use them for closing the top of hats, small stuff animal projects, or sleeves like this! Here's a great tutorial on getting started with DPNs if you're unsure.


Magic loop is also a great technique if you happen to have another long cord for your interchangeable needles. You need at least a 32" needle to handle the number of stitches for this project. Here's a very clear tutorial on how to get started with Magic Loop.

Pattern highlights

Don't forget to start the sleeves on your smaller than gauge-size needles -- I'm using US 10 (6 mm) for my ribbing. We work 20 rounds of ribbing before changing needle size to gauge-size -- US 10.5 (6.5 mm) for me. ALSO! If you're working with DPNs, don't forget like I did to change each needle for a larger one as you go around. Silly mistake! ha.

More info: We'll also be increasing as we work up the sleeves. See Increasing for Sleeves >

Check in, ask questions, keep knitting!

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