Double the Fun KAL: Guildentern Stripes Sections 2 and 3

Ok - who had fun with the stripes this last week? I loved it! There’s something insanely satisfying about knitting stripes in the round. Maybe it’s the color change every 2 rows? I dunno… just keeps me super motivated to keep knitting those lovely little stitches.

Continuing with Stripes 2 and 3!

This week might feel a bit like last week when you get started but I promise that there’s a new step or two involved that will keep you hopping! So we’ll start out by breaking Color D and joining Color C and start knitting the Section 2 stripes.

BUT! Before you get too far along, we have to start looking ahead to the armholes. Remember week 1 when we talked about measuring gauge? Well, today we’re going to go back to our Row Gauge and do a wee bit of math to make sure our armholes are the right height!

 Step 1: Grab page 1 of the pattern that has the schematic on it. We’re looking for the height of “C” - the armhole depth.

Step 2: Work out how many rows it will take you to knit the height of the armhole. As an example: my armhole depth (for size 42) is 7.5”. My row gauge is 36 rows / 4”. So, the math on this is as follows:

  • 7.5” divided by 4” = 1.875
  • 1.875 multiplied by 36 rows = 67.5
    • (I’m going to round that up to 68 rows since we want an even, whole number).

Step 3: Now that we know how many rows we need to reserve for the armhole, we need to subtract those rows from the total length of Stripe Section 2 and 3 (starting with 3). Here’s how I math’d it out:

  • Stripe Section 3 for my size = 52 rows (13 repeats of 4 rows = 52 rows)
  • 52 rows minus 68 rows required for the armhole depth = -16 rows
  • Since I have negative rows on Stripe 3 it means that I have to make those 16 rows up in Stripe Section 2:
    • 52 rows of Stripe Section 2 minus 16 rows leftover = 36 rows. This means that I can work 36 rows of Stripe Section 2 in the round before we need to divide for the sleeves!


If you purchased a sweater kit from Ewe Ewe Yarns that only has 1 skein of yarn for Color D, I recommend weighing and splitting the skein! When we complete our Front half of the armhole, you won’t want to break the yarn to work the Back. So, divide that single skein into two even-weight skeins so you can work the Front and Back autonomously.


Dividing Front and Back for Armholes

Dividing for the sleeves: Front (left), back (unworked, right)

Dividing for the sleeves: Front (left), back (unworked, right)

Once you have completed your number of rows to work for Stripe Section 2 it’s time to divide for the armholes. To do this is really quite easy:

Step 1: Remove the beginning of round marker. Knit to next marker (do not slip any stitches).

Step 2: Remove the mid-round marker. Place the remaining stitches that will make up the Back of the armhole on a secondary needle or length of smooth waste yarn.

Step 3: Turn your work and purl the wrong side (WS) of the Front. From this point forward, the rest of the garment will be worked flat! Continue to carry your colors loosely up the edge of the work while striping!

Work your remaining rows for the Front of the garment. Through to the end of Stripe Section 3. Break Color C.
Do not break Color D and do not work the Neckline.


Knitting the Back / Back Armhole

When it’s time to work the Back / Back of the armhole, we will need to rejoin our working yarn and work in the same striping pattern as for the Front. When you get to Stripe Section 3, use the 2nd skein (or second half of 1 skein) of Color D. I found it far easier to work with separate skeins for the Neckline, which we’ll be working next week!

Place the held stitches from the Back onto your working needle. To rejoin the working yarn, grab the first color you’ll need to knit across the back and knit into the first stitch with the RS facing.

Knit across the row, turn the work and purl back on the WS to create your 2-row stripe. Continue to work the Back as you did the Front, ending with your Color C stripe to complete the Stripe Section 3. Break Color C. Do not break Color D and do not work the Neckline.

Front and back complete, divided for armhole

Front and back complete, divided for armhole


Noble Goals!

To stay on track with our original schedule, the goal of this week is to complete Stripe Sections 2 and 3 as per above, being sure to separate the work for the sleeves. However! Next week is a light week of working the Neckline and Shoulders only (so you can try the garment on - woot!) so if you need a bit of extra time to catch up, this week and next are the weeks to do it! Have so much fun!!!


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