Heather's Happenings: June 3, 2019


Hello and good morning! It’s me, Heather, owner of Ewe Ewe Yarns.

Welcome to a new feature on the Ewe Ewe blog about living a creative life and a few things I’ve found that have inspired me lately. I love to knit and crochet but I also enjoy gardening, cooking, photography and a craft cocktail or two. Some of the things you’ll find in these new posts could range from where I’m knitting, what I’m cooking, and maybe some color inspiration.

New sweater design coming in  Fluffy Fingering merino yarn

New sweater design coming in Fluffy Fingering merino yarn

Knitting success: Finished and blocked a new sweater!

This adorable sweater has been on my needles since August which was really making me feel burdened. Meaghan Schmaltz designed this sweater for Ewe Ewe Yarns to help launch our newest yarn, Fluffy Fingering merino, and I just never finished knitting it. I decided one day to unearth it from it’s project bag and only knit on it until it was finished and it worked! The new sweater is knit and blocked and lovely.

Now to give it a name and publish the pattern…

This got me thinking: Do you work on one thing at a time or do you have several projects going? Why does that work (or not work) for you?

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you achieve your knitting goals.

How Batch Working Changed My Life by A Beautiful Life

How Batch Working Changed My Life by A Beautiful Life

From around the web: How Batch Working Changed My Life

Working for myself here at Ewe Ewe Yarns has been an adventure of figuring out my own efficiencies and what works best so I’m always interested in how other self-employed creatives get the most out of their day. I found this article on batch working and it seems like a great idea. The concept is to plan a bunch of similar projects and then work on them as a series to keeping your mind focused on one topic rather than jumping from one thing to another. I haven’t tried it myself yet but I plan on it!

Read How Batch Working Changed My Life

Blast from the past: My first Ewe Ewe headshot

This photo popped up on my Facebook memories and it made me nostalgic. This is the first headshot I took when I started my business, Ewe Ewe Yarns, 8 years ago. I built the business from my savings and my first order at the yarn mill was for 7 colors of Wooly Worsted merino yarn.

To say that I am happy to still be working on my own brand 8 years after I dreamed up the idea is an understatement. I love this little company because it’s a part of me. Each thing you see from Ewe Ewe – every email, knitting pattern, blog post (like this one!), yarn color, knit-along, designer, photograph and more – is something I’ve thought about and developed to build this business and make it unique.

I love that Ewe Ewe has grown to be 4 weights of yarn with a 25-color range. Here’s a look at my first palette. These are the 7 shades of 1 weight of yarn that I started with nearly 8 years ago.

Sausage & Mushroom Strudel by Ina Garten

Sausage & Mushroom Strudel by Ina Garten

What I’m cooking: Sausage & Mushroom Strudel by Ina Garten

I made this sausage strudel to take to a friend’s house and it was a huge hit! The recipe is easy to make and looks so impressive with its flaky phyllo dough crust. I’m definitely adding this recipe to my regular rotation!

Get Sausage & Mushroom Strudel recipe

Knitting on the go with  Wooly Worsted yarn

Knitting on the go with Wooly Worsted yarn

Where I’m knitting: At the tire center 😐

I was really happy to have my knitting on hand while I waited for my car to get serviced. Not the most fun place to knit but at least I can work on something creative on the go. That’s what I love about knitting, it’s so portable!

I hope you have had a creative week. Leave me a comment to let me know what you’ve been up to!

💗 Heather