Learn to Knit and Crochet at Big Picture Classes

Have you been wanting to learn how to knit? Do you know how to knit but have always wanted to learn the basics of crochet? Yes! Both are great skills and enjoyable hobbies and our friends at Big Picture Classes have introduce a session that teaches you both!

The new class, Yarn 101 is taught by my friend Hannah Thiessen and uses Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted yarn exclusively in the class. Look how pretty it is! There are supply kits here that put together this perfect color combo for you.

Yarn 101 goes into detail about knitting, crochet, yarn and how to choose the right yarn for a project. You'll also learn about the tools you'll need to complete this and many other projects. Here's just some of the skills you'll take away from the course:

  • Why knitting and crocheting are still around and how you can use these skills
  • How to choose the right tools for your projects
  • How to perform a basic knit stitch, along with basic crochet stitches
  • Starting and finishing your first knitted and crocheted project
  • Access to two beginner patterns that work with the recommended class kits
  • How to modify these basic patterns to be a cowl or scarf

As a special introductory promotion, Yarn 101 is FREE to take for the month of February! Use code: HANNAH at checkout to receive one month of free service to the entire Big Picture Classes site. 

Head over and check out Yarn 101 and the entire Big Picture Classes website.