Funkasonic KAL Weekly Roundup

The Funkasonic KAL is moving right along and Heidi at Hands Occupied has some more excellent tutorials to finish off the mittens and mukluks.

Grafting the stitches at the end of a mitten or at the toe of a sock can seem daunting but if you follow the steps it moves along and you're across the row in no time. Watch a video on how to bind off with the Kitchener stitch >

I love seeing knitters' progress on their PostStitch box projects! Here's a great photo of valerieclaires' Funkasonic Mukluk in progress.

And stringgeekzoe has a good thing going with her Funkasonic Mittens. Perfectly knit brioche cuff right here!

It's so fun to see everyone using my Ewe So Sporty yarn for these patterns. Remember to check out Heidi's website to see these projects and lots more. Find the Funkasonic Mittens and Funkasonic Mukluks patterns on Ravelry. 

Funkasonic KAL Weekly Round #2

The Funkasonic KAL is moving right along! Heidi at Hands Occupied has great video tutorials for every challenging step of the projects. Like how to knit neat linen stitch edges on the heel of the Funkasonic Mukluks.

Knitters have started casting on their projects and posting them on Ravelry. WeedyBroccoliBee has a cute Berry and Aquamarine color combo of Ewe So Sporty yarn.

It seems like everyone is getting the hang of working the brioche knitting cuffs. A new technique for many but there's a lot of success! Here is JessieB878's Funkasonic Mitten start. Good job!

And one of our mittens even made it to Vogue Knitting Live in New York City!

Along with running a really great Ravelry group for the KAL, Heidi has excellent posts on her website. She has also put the patterns up on Ravelry so if you didn't get this month's PostStitch box you can get the Funkasonic Mittens and Funkasonic Mukluks patterns! And you can browse the Ewe So Sporty yarn options here.

Funkasonic KAL Weekly Round #1

The Funkasonic KAL is a month-long party in partnership with Heidi Gustad of Hands Occupied and PostStitch knitting subscription box. Heidi designed the awesome patterns, Ewe Ewe (that's me!) supplied the yarn and mastermind PostStitch put it all together and delivered awesome kits to their lucky subscribers. 

Ewe So Sporty yarn

The KAL kicks off this week as the PostStitch boxes are being delivered. The Ewe So Sporty yarn combinations that Megan and Amy put together are so fun and bright. I can't wait to see these projects start!


To get started Heidi posted an excellent video tutorial on how to work the Old Norwegian Cast-On. This cast on has more stretch than a traditional long tail cast on and provides a nice springy edge for the Funkasonic Mittens and Funkasonic Mukluks. Which ones are you making? 

Once you've cast on it's time to brioche! Woo! Heidi provides a detailed video about how to knit two color brioche rib. It can seem daunting at first but it is a fun stitch to learn how to knit. Plus you don't have to worry about overworking your yarn, Ewe So Sporty holds up to tons of frogging!

As Megan at PostStitch said in the KAL Ravelry forum:

And kudos to Ewe Ewe for making a durable yarn that allowed me to frog the first three rows about 45 times (at least I memorized the Old Norweigan Cast On!). I thought I was going to have to scrap the first yard of the yarn after all the stress I put it through, but it was very forgiving. Colorful and reliable! Love it!

I hope your projects are going well! Watch for new posts at, check the Ravelry forum for updates and tag your social media photos with #FunkasonicKAL

Funkasonic Knit-Along!

My friend Heidi Gustad has designed the cutest, funkiest, most funkasonic set of mittens and mukluks for the January PostStitch box kits and she's hosting a knit-along! Look how awesome they are. You should join! Hi Heidi! 

What you need to know for the KAL

The Funkasonic Knit Along (#funkasonicKAL) will take place on Heidi's website called Hands Occupied, featuring regular tutorial posts to help you build your knitting skills in the new year with helpful video tutorials by yours truly. There is also a Ravelry thread that will have resources along the way to help if you get stuck and is a great place for sharing pics of your finished knits!

The KAL schedule

  • Mon. 1/4 – cast on tutorial
  • Wed. 1/6 – how to knit the mittens’ and mukluks’ cuffs
  • Mon. 1/11 – jogless stripes & linen stitch tips
  • Wed. 1/13 – help with working a short row heel turn
  • Mon. 1/18 – vertical knit stripes two ways
  • Mon. 1/25 – how to work a kitchener stitch bind off
  • Mon. 2/1 – wrapping up the #funkasonicKAL, including favorite FOs!
Funkasonic Mittens in Ewe So Sporty yarn
Funkasonic Mukluks in Ewe So Sporty yarn

Funkasonic KAL Supplies

You can absolutely knit along with just one of the two Funkasonic patterns. If you’re new to garments, you might want to try your hands at just the mittens. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, maybe the mukluks are for you. Simply a knitting fiend? Challenge yourself to finish both patterns this month!

Until January 15, both the Funkasonic Mittens and Mukluks are available exclusively through PostStitch. PostStich puts out two boxes a month, each of which includes everything you need to make a given pattern from start to finish (including notions, needles, pattern and even some extra treats too).

  • The Funkasonic Mittens and Ewe Ewe's own Ewe So Sporty yarn are January’s featured BigStitch Box pattern. A BigStitch Subscription is $60/month and features an adult woman’s accessory project – in this case, my mittens! I have it on good authority that this box includes adorable stitch marker, a stitch holder and two fun extras.

  • PostStitch’s SockStitch box features an adult woman’s sock pattern every month, and the new Mukluks pattern is the star this time around with Ewe So Sporty yarn. At just $40/month, this is a great deal. The box includes: the printed pattern, yarn specified by the pattern, and special notions.

  • Once you sign up you’re automatically enrolled in PostStitch and will be rebilled on the last day of the month and box will ship the following day (unless of course you purchase a multi-month subscription). Subscribers can cancel at any time, skip a month, or toggle back and forth between BigStitch and SockStitch.

Visit PostStitch to subscribe >
Visit Hands Occupied to join the KAL >