We want our knitting TV!

Have you heard about this awesome new project? Our favorite knitting host is coming back to TV with a killer show about knitting. Vickie Howell, who hosted "Knitty Gritty" has a new show series all planned out and ready to go. She just needs our help! 

"The Knit Show with Vickie Howell" will be a new program on digital media so anyone anywhere can watch the show at any time and any pace. That's awesome. Are you a beginning knitter in Pennsylvania? Or are you an experienced knitter in Australia? It doesn't matter! Vickie and a plethora of designers, experts, and industry superstar guests will be right there with you. 

There will be two guests (including me! and some Ewe Ewe yarn that you love!) plus a full studio of knitters for each episode. This will be the first community-funded and internationally accessible episodic knitting how-to series which makes it a literal DIY of a DIY show. Awesome! 

Take a few minutes and watch Vickie explain the reasons why you should help this show get made:

If you decide to sponsor Kickstarter be sure to check out all of the great rewards that are available as a thank you for your support. If you loved "Knitty Gritty" (I know I did!) then help Vickie get this new show off the ground.

Visit "The Knit Show with Vickie Howell" on Kickstarter to show your support. Go to Kickstarter >

Vickie Howell can show you how it's done!

Vickie Howell worked up a great class for our new Doodle Stitch Beanie! This hat features an alternating stitch pattern that is interesting to both knit and look at. Take a peek:

The Doodle Stitch Beanie uses two balls of Ewe So Sporty yarn in your favorite colors. Plus, Vickie teaches a free tutorial right on her Facebook page. Awesome! 

You can get the pattern here or on Ravelry and find Ewe So Sporty yarn at your favorite yarn store or online.

Watch the video with Vickie Howell below and then use those same steps to knit your own Doodle Stitch Beanie!

Tell us what you thought of Vickie's class in the comments below!

Learn with Vickie Howell on Monday!

This Monday, February 27th, Vickie Howell will be featuring Ewe Ewe Yarns on her Ask Me Monday segment on Facebook Live. Vickie is going to be teaching how to make our brand new Doodle Stitch Beanie which features a fun-to-knit stitch that looks like squiggles. If you haven't tried a stitch like this before then it's a great time to learn it!

Doodle Stitch Beanie  knitting pattern

Doodle Stitch Beanie knitting pattern

Doodle Stitch Beanie  knitting pattern

Doodle Stitch Beanie knitting pattern

How to watch:

Now: Go visit Vickie Howell on Facebook and like her page.

Monday: Check Facebook on Monday at 12pm Central Time to watch her teach this pattern stitch!

Later: If you can't tune in while Vickie is hosting live, don't worry! You can see all of her Ask Me Monday segments right here.

Get the pattern:

Check out the Doodle Stitch Beanie or it's close friend the Messy Doodles messy bun hat. They both feature this funky stitch.

See you on Monday! Don't forget to like Ewe Ewe Yarns on Facebook, too.