Year Round Wreath Knit Along: Day 3

Back again! Day 3 of the Year Round Wreath Knit Along brings us to our last tutorials. Today we will work on our flowers for the edge of the wreath. They are crochet flowers but if you know the basics of crochet they are fun to make! Let's get started.


Start with a slip knot just like in knitting.  


Wrap the yarn around the back of the hook.  


Rotate the hook and pull the loop through.  


Repeat these two steps of wrapping the hook and pulling it through 41 more times to create a chain. This is the foundation chain.  


Make sure to keep the chain a bit loose because that makes your next row easier.  


Count back to the fourth chain from the hook. Now we're going to make a double crochet or dc. To start a dc wrap the yarn over the hook.

Insert the hook through the 4th chain from the hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook again so you have four loops on the hook.

Pull the loop through the chain loop.

Wrap the yarn again and pull through the remaining loops on the hook.

We'll repeat those steps for ever double crochet stitch in the flower so here's the instructions all in one place.

To dc: Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook, draw up a loop, wrap the yarn and draw through two loops, wrap the yarn and draw through two loops.


Now we start the repeat pattern across the row. It states *ch 1, 1 dc in next ch.*

That means, chain one by simply wrapping the yarn and pulling a loop then work one double crochet in the next chain on the foundation chain.

And this is what you get! Notice how the bottom edges of the stitches are slightly closer together than the tops.

And here's what our first row looks like! One stitch in each foundation chain.


Row 2 begins with ch 1 and TURN. That means we will flip the work over and head back the other direction.

We are looking for the ch-1 spaces that we made on the first row; it's this big hole.


Now to make the petals! The Petal Stitch is a cluster of single and double crochets.

We'll work: 1 single crochet, chain 1, 5 double crochets, chain 1, 1 single crochet.

A single crochet, or sc, is half the height of a dc. Simply insert the hook, draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through two. That's a single crochet!

Then you chain one, work 5 dc, chain one again and work another single crochet. All of these stitches are worked into that same big hole called the ch-1 space. This makes the arch that is the petal.


In between each petal we will work a single crochet into the ch-1 space. 

Then we work a petal in the third ch-1 space. Alternate these two actions across your row.

And as we make it across the row we'll have petals with valleys in between. This helps give the flower a bit of an irregular look. When you get to the end of the row, cut the yarn leaving a 12" tail and finish off.

And there we go! hehe. Not quite, but that's all the crochet for one flower.

Now we will spiral the petals around the chain to form the flower.

Work the flower into a rosette.

Continue spiraling.

Flip the flower to the wrong side, thread the darning needle with the long tail and stitch through the foundation chain to secure all the pieces.

Stitch to hold it together.


Woohoo! Flower made! Now we just need two more.

Stitch the flowers on the the wreath and secure the ends.

And there we have it! Come back on Tuesday and we'll show off our finished wreathes! Send me your finished photos to or post them on Ravelry.


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Year Round Wreath Knit Along: Day 2

Today we're going to seam our wreath to the form. It takes a little time but if you're patient it has a good result. We will be using the mattress stitch which is the traditional way you seam knitted pieces together. If you've ever made a sweater you've most likely used this same stitch to seam the sides and the sleeves.

seaming the wreath

Weave in all your yarn ends, then for this step we will need a length of yarn, a big-eyed darning needle and, of course scissors at the end. I'm going to show you how to sew this knitted piece around the wreath form. I'll be using this teal yarn for contrast but the cool thing is is that it will never show. It's like MAGIC! Knitting magic.

wrapping the wreath

Normally if we were seaming a sweater we would block our pieces before seaming but in the case of this accessory I don't think we need to block. Wrap your knitting around the wreath form so the edges meet in the middle of the back of the form.

Gently lay the knitting around the wreath and get it roughly in place. The styrofoam acts kind of like velcro and holds the fabric for you.

Flip the form over and now we can see what we need to sew. Whew! That's a lot, but it's easy and good practice!

beginning to seam knitting

Thread your needle and find the edge of your project. We are going to be using the bars in between the first and second stitch on each edge. Pick up that little bar.

sewing knitting together

Head to the other edge and pick up the bar in the same place. 

seaming knitting

Go back to the right edge and pick up the next bar in line.

sewing knitting together

And back to the left edge. A good trick I like to remember is that the needle goes in the hole where the thread is coming out, that way you never miss a bar and your seam will be tight!

mattress stitch for knitting

Keep moving up and up, back and forth, one bar at a time. I like to leave my thread loose so I can see the stitches more clearly.

closing a knitted seam

Now this is where the magic happens... Hold on to the thread at the beginning of the project and pull the thread attached to your needle.

closing a knitted sea

WHAT! I told you, KNITTING MAGIC! Look at that, my teal thread has vanished right before your eyes! Try it. It's fun.

sewing knitting together

Ok, fun, right? Now keep at it, keep moving from bar to bar zigzagging your way around the wreath.

sewing knitting together with mattress stitch

This is a good project to practice mattress stitch because the rows are clear. Your stripes should line up as your move around the wreath and if they don't for some reason, simply undo a couple of stitches and try again!

mattress stitch seam

There we go! Easy as that. Ok, it wasn't super easy but it's not too hard. Keep in mind this also took me about 20 minutes to make it around the wreath. It looks fast in blog photos but it wasn't.

sewing end to end in knitting

Next we're going to turn and sew the cast on edge to the bind off edge. In this direction we're not going to use parts between stitches, we're going to use the actual stitches!

sewing cast on edge to bind off edge

Remember how I said in the Day 1 post that our knit side has Vs? Well, that's what we're using here. Pick up a V from the left edge and then an entire V from the right edge.

sewing knit ends together

Zigzagging back and forth from V to V inserting the needle where the thread leaves the previous stitch. 


Keep working your way around. It gets a little awkward but only for a minute.  


Moving around. You can really see the stitches and how they meet up.  


And we made it! Sewn together! With teal thread! Now you can weave in those ends.  


Take a minute and gently even out the stripes around the wreath form.  


And there we go! Come back Thursday and we will make our flowers.  


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Year Round Wreath Knit Along: Day 1

It's here! Time to start our Year Round Wreath knitting and crochet project. Today we're going to work on the main part of the wreath and learn how to work these stripes without cutting the yarn. Awesome, let's get started!

Year Round Wreath Knit Along

If you want to read more details about the knit along you can see the intro post here. I decided to make a Valentine wreath for my project. Here's my Cotton Candy, Berry and Red Poppy Wooly Worsted yarn along with the 12" wreath foam form, my US 10 knitting needles and my trusty K/10.5 hook. Party on! 

Wreath knitting supplies

First we need to pick our color order. I chose the Berry as my Color A and I'll be striping it with Cotton Candy as my Color B. The wreath with have pretty red roses, perfect for Valentine's Day! 

With my Berry and my knitting needles I'm going to cast on 32 stitches using the long-tail cast-on.


A long-tail cast-on is not crucial for this project but if you do use it you can count it as Row 1.


And just start working as for your second row, a purl row. Do note that this row-skipping really only works with a long-tail cast-on. Be sure you work four rows; knit, purl, knit, purl. And that brings us to the best part of the day! 

How to knit stripes with out cutting the yarn

How to knit stripes without cutting the yarn!

Look at that! It's such an easy technique that you're going to love because it saves a ton of time and there won't be all those extra ends to weave in when we're done! If you're an experienced knitter you may already know this simple trick but I like to make sure the newer knitters can pick up some good tips!

Add a second color

Step 1: Add your second color. You don't need to tie a knot, just get the yarn in the working position and remember, don't cut the first color!

Leave a tail to weave in later

Step 2: Leave about a 6" tail of Color B to weave in later. Knit across the row and then purl back to this position.

Knitting stripes with two colors

When you get back you'll see that Color A is still here waiting for you. Color B is in the normal knitting position.

Twist yarns to avoid cutting them

Step 3: Simply bring Color A over Color B to create a single twist.

Knitting stripes without cutting the yarn

Step 4: Continue knitting with the second color, Color B. Purl back.

Knit stripes without cutting the yarn!

Now we are back to the start of our row and look who's here waiting for us but Color A. Yippee! Good little Wooly.

Carry colors up the inside of a project

Step 5: Gently lift the first color and begin knitting your new row with it. Be sure not to pull too hard on this first stitch because that may warp the edge of the knitting project. Leave a nice, easy tension as you bring the new yarn color up to knit with it.

Leave Color B behind and just keep knitting across and purling back as normal. Remember to twist the colors again to help lift Color B toward its new destination higher up the project. 

Right side of project

Continue working in stockinette stitch. Remember when we see Vs we knit.

Wrong side of knitting project

And when we see bumps we purl! If you remember those two little things then your stockinette stitch will turn out just right.

Continue to work in your stripes without cutting the yarn! – until you have 19 stripes of both colors. Bind off and come back on Tuesday!


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Year Round Wreath Knit Along


I'm excited to announce our next Ewe Ewe KAL! The Year Round Wreath is a fun pattern that mixes simple knitting and crochet. The wreath is knit like a scarf and the three flowers are crocheted in a contrasting color. 

Think of the fun possibilities with this cute project! You could make a Halloween wreath with orange and black stripes with silver flowers. Or what about a patriotic wreath with red and white stripes with blue flowers. It only takes one ball of Wooly Worsted in each color! 

Think it over while I give you the rest of the details.  

Skill boosters: 

Some techniques you'll learn in this knit along are skills like carrying colors for stripes, mattress stitch for making a tidy seam and the steps of how to crochet a flower. 

You should know how to knit, purl and make the basic crochet stitches such as chain and single crochet.  

Posting dates: 

Day 1: October 8 cast on! We'll learn stripes and work on the wreath.  

Day 2: October 13 seaming! Get that wreath assembled.  

Day 3: October 15 flowers! Learn to make the cute accent flowers.  

Day 4: October 20 brag post! Show off your finished wreath! 


Yarn: 3 balls of Wooly Worsted yarn; 1 ball of three coordinating colors

Pattern: Year Round Wreath by Heather Walpole (25% off for the KAL!)

Needles: US 10 (6 mm) knitting needles

Hook: Size K/6.5mm crochet hook for flowers

Supplies: 12" styrofoam craft wreath, finishing needle

And now...Color kits!

Make the Year Round Wreath in colors that coordinate with how you like to decorate! We put together 10 kit ideas as inspiration.

Thinking of the holidays

Thinking of the holidays

Easter and springtime

Easter and springtime



Rustic fall colors

Rustic fall colors

What works with your home? Does your mom need a new wreath? 

Bring spring shades (shown in sample photo)

Bring spring shades (shown in sample photo)

Changing leaves before they fall

Changing leaves before they fall

Perfect for July 4!

Perfect for July 4!

Sand, waves, ahh...

Sand, waves, ahh...

There's so many fun choices! 

The luck of the Irish!

The luck of the Irish!

Spread the love 

Spread the love 

You can choose one of our kits or design your own combination with our fun palette of colors. Find a Ewe Ewe yarn store near you! If you don't have a shop near you, you can check out KAL kits here and regular Wooly Worsted yarn here.

To follow along you'll want to come back to this blog to see the newest posts. On social media use the hashtag #YearRoundKAL and follow us on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

See you October 8!