What to Make: Ursa by Jacqueline Cieslak

Welcome to our weekly feature, What to Make Wednesday! The yarns here at Ewe Ewe are so versatile and I love to share ideas about what you can knit with them.

Ursa  sweater knitting pattern by Jacqueline Cieslak

Ursa sweater knitting pattern by Jacqueline Cieslak

Meet the Ursa sweater! The designer, Jacqueline Cieslak describes this as a “bear of a sweater – chunky, bold, snuggly, fierce,” and I totally agree! I love details on this cropped pullover and I am dying to knit it for myself.

I think it looks so fun to make and even better to wear. I can imagine throwing it on over a tunic and leggings or maybe a long sweeping dress just like Jacqueline. It’s so cute!

Ursa  sweater knitting pattern by Jacqueline Cielsak on Ravelry

Ursa sweater knitting pattern by Jacqueline Cielsak on Ravelry

Ursa will knit up perfectly using Ewe Ewe Baa Baa Bulky merino yarn. My friend Jesse at Knit One, Crochet Too started one in Sky Blue and, let’s be honest, I totally got cast-on-itis when I saw this photo:

Ursa  sweater in  Baa Baa Bulky merino yarn  from Ewe Ewe Yarns

Ursa sweater in Baa Baa Bulky merino yarn from Ewe Ewe Yarns

GAH! Don’t you just love it? I want it. The accent stitches really pop and the sweater looks like the squishy dressed-up sweatshirt of my knitting dreams.

I’m going to make Ursa and I hope you’ll join me for a new knit-along!

Ursa KAL Dates and Details

Ursa will be fast to knit and we can get it done in just a couple of weeks! Here’s the plan:

Wednesday, July 17: Announce the KAL!

Thursday, August 1: KAL kickoff and cast-on with details about knitting the half-brioche stitch, neck and shoulders of the sweater.

Thursday, August 8: Working the German short row bust darts and finishing the body of the sweater.

Thursday, August 15: Knitting the sleeves, finishing the neckline and blocking.

Thursday, August 22: Wrap photos!

How much yarn do I need?

Sizing notes from the designer: To choose your size, measure the circumference around the fullest part of your bust, then add 2-6” (depending on how much ease you want) and choose the closest size.

Finished Measurements: (34, 38, 42) [46, 50, 54] {58, 62, 66} inches at bust

Yarn requirements: (4, 4, 5) [5, 6, 6] {7, 7, 8} skeins of Baa Baa Bulky merino yarn

17 colors of  Baa Baa Bulky merino wool  yarn from Ewe Ewe Yarns

17 colors of Baa Baa Bulky merino wool yarn from Ewe Ewe Yarns

How to find the pattern, yarn and join the KAL

Pattern: Ursa — on Ravelry.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns Baa Baa Bulky merino yarn.

Get your yarn: Find the yarn at a local yarn shop that carries Ewe Ewe Yarns or here on our website.

Let us know you’re joining the KAL! Leave a comment on this post, join our Facebook KAL group, and use hashtags any photos with #eweeweyarns and #BaaBaaUrsa on Instagram.

What color will you choose?!

Funkasonic KAL Weekly Round #1

The Funkasonic KAL is a month-long party in partnership with Heidi Gustad of Hands Occupied and PostStitch knitting subscription box. Heidi designed the awesome patterns, Ewe Ewe (that's me!) supplied the yarn and mastermind PostStitch put it all together and delivered awesome kits to their lucky subscribers. 

Ewe So Sporty yarn

The KAL kicks off this week as the PostStitch boxes are being delivered. The Ewe So Sporty yarn combinations that Megan and Amy put together are so fun and bright. I can't wait to see these projects start!


To get started Heidi posted an excellent video tutorial on how to work the Old Norwegian Cast-On. This cast on has more stretch than a traditional long tail cast on and provides a nice springy edge for the Funkasonic Mittens and Funkasonic Mukluks. Which ones are you making? 

Once you've cast on it's time to brioche! Woo! Heidi provides a detailed video about how to knit two color brioche rib. It can seem daunting at first but it is a fun stitch to learn how to knit. Plus you don't have to worry about overworking your yarn, Ewe So Sporty holds up to tons of frogging!

As Megan at PostStitch said in the KAL Ravelry forum:

And kudos to Ewe Ewe for making a durable yarn that allowed me to frog the first three rows about 45 times (at least I memorized the Old Norweigan Cast On!). I thought I was going to have to scrap the first yard of the yarn after all the stress I put it through, but it was very forgiving. Colorful and reliable! Love it!

I hope your projects are going well! Watch for new posts at handsoccupied.com, check the Ravelry forum for updates and tag your social media photos with #FunkasonicKAL

Controlled Chaos Brioche Hat Design

Controlled Chaos by Meaghan Schmaltz

My friend Meaghan Schmaltz of the Unapologetic Knitter has designed the most awesome brioche knit hat that the world has ever seen. Look how cute it is! (the hat and her!) I wanted to find out more about this unique design so I asked her a few questions. Check out what she says!

Heather: Out of all the yarns out there, why did you choose Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted yarn for this design?

Meaghan: Having had the chance to work with a wide array of yarns I have found that Wooly Worsted is delightfully forgiving and when it comes to learning a new knitting skill, especially brioche which has earned a reputation as a “scary” technique, you can’t ask for more than a forgiving yarn. Learning brioche, or any new knitting skill, can be stressful for even the most comfortable knitter; as a result we tend to get a tighter tension and, dare I say it… our hands get a bit sweaty. Ewe Ewe holds up to all of it - my first attempt at brioche using Wooly Worsted was a breeze. I ripped out swatch after swatch (after swatch) and still had a nice, smooth, non-pilled yarn to work with. It took a beating and still looked great.

Controlled Chaos brioche hat knitting pattern

Heather: Those colors look great together! How did you pick those three? Is there a trick to picking the right colors for this pattern?

Meaghan: I started out with that I knew: I love Aquamarine, it’s my absolute favorite color so I knew it had to be included. I wanted something really bright and punchy that would highlight the Aquamarine. After reading a color article about complementary colors I basically just followed the math - what was the complementary color to Aquamarine? Orange Peel! This gave me the highest contrast between the colors. As far as the neutral, I felt that the Aquamarine and Orange Peel were warm colors, and I wanted to stay in that palette so I chose the Wheat. I definitely recommend looking up what the complementary colors are for your favorite colors and working from there.

Controlled Chaos brioche hat knitting pattern

Heather: You seem like a brioche knitting guru! Do you have more info about how I can learn to knit brioche?

Meaghan: Most definitely! And all the videos are shot using Ewe Ewe Yarns, actually! I’ve created a set of videos on The Unapologetic Knitter YouTube channel. There are even a few videos that specifically relate to the Controlled Chaos hat. These tutorials will get any knitter off the ground and brioche-ing in no time: www.youtube.com/TheUnapologeticKnitterKnits

Heather: That's awesome and your videos are great! Seriously so clear and educational. Thanks for sharing all of this extra info about your gorgeous new hat pattern.  

Find the Controlled Chaos brioche hat knitting pattern on the unapologeticknitter.com. Follow Meaghan on Facebook and Instagram

Find a Ewe Ewe yarn store near you for your Wooly Worsted yarn! 

Learn it now! Brioche Knitting Tutorials

I think brioche knitting has to be one of the hottest trends I'm seeing this season. There's amazing patterns by designers like Stephen West and Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark that feature brioche knitting and purling. Look at these!

Brioche creates a fully reversible fabric and gives a very different effect from regular knits and purls. I have tried it a few times from reading different tutorials but I didn't have much success. But my friend Meaghan at the Unapologetic Knitter has put together an AMAZING video series on how to brioche knit. 

The five video series includes all you ever need to know to create a successful brioche project. The series is jam-packed with info:

The posts are filled with tips and helpful shots of exactly how to knit this trendy stitch pattern. I have never worked brioche before and look! Two colors!!

Brioche knitting in Wooly Worsted yarn


I did run into a few hiccups but they were my fault and not the fault of my teacher. Meaghan does recommend placing a marker on the right side of the work so you can tell when you need to be BRK-ing or BRP-ing (look at me with the lingo!) on a row. But after I put a little brain power behind it I could clearly see that if I was working with Color A and that color's knits were facing then I needed to BRK and if the purls were facing then I needed to brioche purl.

All in all, I think this video series is easy to learn from, well planned and beautifully presented. Meaghan does use both Ewe Ewe yarns, Ewe So Sporty and Wooly Worsted for these videos and for good reason! Says Meg,

"It's such a good yarn to learn new skills. It's springy so the knitter gets nice tension but tightly twisted enough that it takes a beating and doesn't get fuzzy if you need to rip out and try again. Love my Ewe Ewe!"

Wow! Thanks! Let's knit together, you bring the new skills and I'll bring the yarn! ;) 

But seriously, if you're looking to learn brioche, go watch Meaghan Schmaltz's amazing tutorials now!

Visit the Unapologetic Knitter >