What to Make: Harvest children's sweater

Welcome to our weekly feature, What to Make Wednesday! The yarns here at Ewe Ewe are so versatile and I love to share ideas about what you can knit with them.

Harvest Cardigan  by tincanknits

Harvest Cardigan by tincanknits

Harvest is the perfect example of a timeless cardigan. This sweater designed by tincanknits is a great way to learn how to knit your first cardigan and what better way to try it than on a small human?

Not only is Harvest a perfect next step for any knitter but it’s a free pattern that is accompanied with tutorials for every new adventure in the design. You can totally do this!

Look how cute!  Lindseygilger’s Harvest #3  on Ravelry

Look how cute! Lindseygilger’s Harvest #3 on Ravelry

Harvest is knit using a worsted weight yarn and that means Wooly Worsted washable yarn from Ewe Ewe will be an excellent substitution choice. Wooly Worsted is a superwash merino yarn meaning it’s soft, washable and dryable making it just the right choice for a kid.

So dapper!  krameri’s Harvest #2  in rich navy blue on Ravelry.

So dapper! krameri’s Harvest #2 in rich navy blue on Ravelry.

As you can see by these project names, knitters love to make the Harvest cardigan again and again. For children, the pattern is sized from 0-6 month though to 8-10 years and it seems really wearable at any age!

Knit it in Midnight Blue or any fun bold color of Wooly Worsted.

Or maybe you’d like to use a soft shade for a sweet newborn. Anything works!

herbsLillie’s Harvest project  on Ravelry in a soft pink

herbsLillie’s Harvest project on Ravelry in a soft pink

Choose your color: Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted washable Merino yarn.

How much yarn do I need?

Children’s sizes: 0-6 mo (6-12 mo, 1-2 yrs, 2-4 yrs, 4-6 yrs, 6-8 yrs, 8-10 yrs) 

Yarn: 3 (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) balls of Wooly Worsted washable yarn in the color of your choice

How to find the pattern and yarn

Pattern: Harvest — free on tincanknits.
Harvest — free on Ravelry.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted washable yarn.

Locate: Find the yarn here or find a local yarn shop that carries Ewe Ewe Yarns.

Enjoy knitting your new project using Ewe Ewe yarn!

Little Princess Leia Hat

My friend Megan made her daughter a quick Princess Leia hat for her sweet little girl this Halloween. Megan used Wooly Worsted yarn in color Chocolate and the Family of Hats knitting pattern to make a basic children's beanie. This little Leia didn't want too much "hair" on the hat so Megan just added one bit of i-cord as an accent. The force is strong with this one!


Things to consider when knitting for children

There comes a time in most of our knitting careers when we want to knit something for the children in our lives. For some of you that’s what got you started knitting in the first place. Knitting for kids is fun because you can use bright colors and the tiny patterns work up so quickly! But lets take a minute to consider a few things before jumping into knitting your next pint-size sweater.

Easy As ABC top-down raglan baby sweater knitting pattern

Easy As ABC top-down raglan baby sweater knitting pattern

Consider Fiber Choice

Cotton and washable wools are very common for knitting for kids and babies but you can find childrens patterns in anything from linen to cashmere. Think about how much time you want to spend taking care of the little sweater you will be knitting. Most luxury fibers need hand washed so in general I would say that for a child they are impractical. Not to say that you can’t knit a sweater out of cashmere but most moms I know probably don’t want to take the time to hand wash their child’s sweater.  Cotton is a good option but it doesn’t feel as soft or warm as animal fibers and tends to grow as gravity takes its toll.

So what yarn should you use? I recommend using a washable wool yarn like Wooly Worsted by Ewe Ewe so you still get that cozy feel to your sweater but you can have the easy way out when it comes to washing. Babies have sensitive skin so the softer the better when it comes to yarn! One extra bonus for using a wool yarn is that wools are naturally water resistant, I have actually seen potentially staining liquids just roll off the sweater - win!

If you are knitting this sweater as a gift, a smart idea would be to include instructions for washing with the sweater.


Adoracole Cardigan & Hat raglan sweater knitting pattern

Adoracole Cardigan & Hat raglan sweater knitting pattern

Consider Color

Sometimes it is fun to do the traditional pink and blue for boys and girls but consider mixing it up for a more modern, fun feel. Great colors to try for boys are black, greys, green, teal, aqua, orange, yellow, red or maybe even some variation on the traditional pastel blue. For girls try, yellow, green, fuschia, lavender, teal, purple, cream or bright pink. Conveniently, Ewe Ewe has a ton of great colors to choose from!

If you’re making this sweater as a gift try asking the parents what color or colors their child really likes. If it is for your own child it is fun to involve them in the process by letting them choose their own colors. Kids can be picky about what they wear sometimes but having a sweater in their favorite color is almost always a hit!


Little Coffee Bean Cardigan sweater pattern knit with Wooly Worsted yarn

Little Coffee Bean Cardigan sweater pattern knit with Wooly Worsted yarn

Consider Design

Babies and kids have large heads in comparison to their body size. As you’re planning which sweater to knit keep in mind that the easiest sweaters to get on and off will be cardigans or V-necks instead of crew necks.

If you decide to use buttons make sure that they are sewn on tightly so that toddlers and babies can’t pop them off and have them end up in their mouths. If you’re worried about having buttons perhaps try a zipper instead. Zippers are a cute design feature and can also be a teaching tool for kids!

If you would like to learn more about which yarns to choose for your next sweater project download our free Sweater Planning Guide. It will walk you through how much Wooly Worsted to buy, checking gauge and everything else that goes into preparing to knit a sweater.

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Teaching children to knit

This weekend I had the pleasure of teaching two little girls how to knit. Lily and Violet had asked me to teach them how to knit after their mom saw this adorable homemade knitting nancy on Pinterest. I packed up a bag of yarn, we ate ten popsicles and got knitting. 

Lily is 7 and she picked up on the knitting nancy very quickly. Violet is 5 and struggled a little bit at first with the sticks so I taught her how to finger knit and she was off and running! There's a great tutorial from my friends at Jamie Christina on how to finger knit

The girls had a ton of fun and spent most of the day practicing and trying different colors. The best part was seeing Lily currled up after dinner relaxing with her knitting!

Well, I thought that was the best part but then their dad sent me this message the next morning. Both girls were up and making more projects before 8 am! So cute! 


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