Heather's Happenings: October 14, 2019


Hello! It’s me, Heather, owner of Ewe Ewe Yarns.

Welcome to my weekly feature on the Ewe Ewe blog about living a creative life. Here you’ll find a few things that have inspired me lately. I love to knit and crochet but I also enjoy gardening, cooking and photography. I’ll chat about where I’m knitting, what I’m cooking, and much more!

Heather in her  Pop Top!

Heather in her Pop Top!

News at Ewe Ewe: Thank you!

Last week’s launch of Pop Top was a lot of fun! Thank you for all your support and kind messages about this new pattern. It had been years since I released a big new design like this and the fact that it was well-received was really nice.

As a thank you, I decided to extend the introductory sale for one more day so you can still grab Pop Top for just $4 through tonight! Use code: NEWSLETTER20 (our secret subscriber-only code!)

I also rephotographed all the colors of Baa Baa Bulky merino wool yarn this week so they look truer and it’s easier to pick which color you want to knit your sweater in. Take a look!

Make: Pop Top (available for $4 with secret newsletter subscriber code: NEWSLETTER20

Yarn: Baa Baa Bulky merino wool yarn from Ewe Ewe Yarns. Available in 17 beautiful colors.

Chicken and Leek Pasta by The Splendid Table

Chicken and Leek Pasta by The Splendid Table

What I’m cooking: Chicken and Leek Pasta

Do you have those days where you don’t want to go to the grocery store but you have no idea what to make with what you have?

This was one of those “google what’s in my fridge” recipes and it was so tasty it’s one I plan to make again! The leeks were sweet and creamy but the mustard gave the whole thing just the right balance.

It also hit my favorite points of using ingredients I normally have on hand and being easy to throw together at the end of a long work day.

Make: Chicken and Leek Pasta

Collage Creative podcast by Amy Small

Collage Creative podcast by Amy Small

What inspired me: Collage Creative podcast

As a small business owner I pretty much think about small business 24/7. I love knitting and all things fiber but sometimes I think that geeking out on small business might be my real hobby. I even had serious conversations this week with two friends about starting their own small businesses!

On the Collage Creative podcast Amy Small interviews creative business owners and dives into how and why they opened up shop. It’s so inspiring listening to how Julie Weisenberger got started with Cocoknits or how Erin Barrett created her perfectly Instagram-worthy weaving business called Sunwoven Studios.

If you’re into the stories behind creative small businesses like I am then the Collage Creative podcast is a must. You can even listen to my episode where I tell Amy that SHE was the one that inspired me to start this small business, Ewe Ewe Yarns!

Have a listen: Collage Creative podcast

Heather and Kuma

Heather and Kuma

What’s coming up: Quick beanie?

Do you have a tried-and-true hat that you always turn to? I had this blue beanie that I knit about 15 years ago as a shop sample that I always just grabbed when I went out on a cool morning.

This was hat on Saturday morning. By Saturday evening the blue beanie was slightly chewed and completely ruined with tufts of yarn spread around the house.

I guess my new pup Kuma decided I needed a fresh hat for our walks!

I wanted a new hat quickly since the mornings are pretty chilly now that it’s October. I grabbed a skein of Baa Baa Bulky, pulled a strand from each end and rewound it so the yarn was held double.

Quick crochet hat using Baa Baa Bulky merino wool yarn held double

Quick crochet hat using Baa Baa Bulky merino wool yarn held double

I whipped up this cute Berry beanie in a few short minutes and I love it! You might have seen my Instagram story about it on Sunday.

I took it for a test walk this morning and it’s much softer and not scratchy like the blue beanie was so that’s a huge bonus! I think I might whip it up in a few colors with some odds and ends that I have around the studio.

Would you like a free pattern for this quick crochet hat? It worked up in about a half an hour!

New quick hat pattern?

I hope you have had a creative week. Leave me a comment to let me know what you’ve been up to!

💗 Heather

Free Pattern Friday: Night Surfer crochet hat

Night Surfer  FREE crochet beanie pattern

Night Surfer FREE crochet beanie pattern

Inspired by a cool San Diego beach, Night Surfer is meant to keep you warm on your morning surf check. The colors fade from sand to sea and up into a starry night sky.

The beanie is worked from the bottom up and is mostly single crochet. The soft rolled brim adds a little extra length to cover your ears.

FREE crochet pattern:  Night Surfer beanie  in  Ewe So Sporty yarn  from Ewe Ewe Yarns

FREE crochet pattern: Night Surfer beanie in Ewe So Sporty yarn from Ewe Ewe Yarns

Sized for the whole family, Night Surfer can be made for the tiniest surf grommet to grandpa on his longboard.

The twinkling night sky is made using stranded crochet (often called tapestry crochet) and is explained in the pattern. Choose your favorite beachy colors to make the hat or just whip it up in one color.

In my original hat, I used Wheat for the sand, Sky Blue for the waves, Midnight Blue for the sky and Citrus Pop for the stars.

I also thought it would look pretty in a dreamy white sand beach color palette with Vanilla, Aquamarine, Teal and Lemon Chiffon. So tropical!

What colors of Ewe So Sporty yarn will you choose?

Ewe So Sporty Merino Yarn
Add To Cart

Download the Night Surfer Beanie

The Night Surfer Beanie is a free crochet pattern available right here on the Ewe Ewe Yarns website. Just add it to your cart and go through the checkout process as normal. If you have a $0 balance you’ll only need to enter your email address so we can send you the pattern!

Download the Night Surfer Beanie on Ravelry

The Night Surfer Beanie is also available as a free pattern download for your Ravelry Library.

Download Night Surfer Beanie on Ravelry

Free Pattern: Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket

Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket FREE crochet pattern

Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket FREE crochet pattern

Well, hello there sweet one. Look how lovely you are! The Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket is a simple crochet pattern that is designed using Ewe Ewe Baa Baa Bulky washable merino yarn. It is easy to make, easy for new parents to care for, and snuggly soft for the new baby!

Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket free crochet pattern

Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket free crochet pattern

Baa Baa Bulky yarn comes in great colors that are perfect for baby. Mix and match a light color and a darker tone or match it to the nursery. There's tons of great options! 

I hope you enjoy making the Hayden baby blanket for a new little one in your life! Find the free crochet pattern below. Find the yarn at a Ewe Ewe yarn shop near you or here on our website.

See me on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell in the Ewe Ewe Yarns booth with me at TNNA.

Vickie Howell in the Ewe Ewe Yarns booth with me at TNNA.

Ok, it's a little ways away but I am so excited to be a part of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell! In October this new TV-quality knitting and crochet show will launch on YouTube and I want you to be there. I will be a guest on the show (I get to fly to Austin this month to film in studio!) and be working on some great projects with Vickie.

I can't share too much just yet but I want you to go over to theknitshow.com and subscribe. That way you'll get updates about when the show will air and details about all the FREE patterns that go along with the program!

Top 10 Most Popular Knitting + Crochet Patterns in 2016

It's the end of 2016 and here's what were the most popular knitting and crochet patterns this year. There's a whole range of techniques and styles and there's a lot to choose from!

Top baby blanket knitting patterns: 

Both the Buttercup Baby Blanket and the Peek A Blue Blanket are easy knitting patterns for blankets that show off a few stitches in a sampler style. They both features Ewe Ewe's Ewe So Sporty washable merino yarn.

Favorite scarf and shawl knitting patterns:

The Nectar Scarf has a simple bias knit design that uses three colors in a unique set of colors in constantly changing stripes. The Double Deco is a much larger and more generous shawl that meshes four colors to create a modern wrap using Ewe So Sporty yarn.

Top worsted-weight crochet patterns:

We love crochet around here! The Wearever Wrap is the best-seller once again and our newer Show Off Shrug is turning heads, too. Made in Wooly Worsted yarn, these two shoulder-warmers will hug you in style.

Top hat knitting patterns:

A good, basic beanie never goes out of style. That's why the Family of Hats which has a hat for everyone made our best-seller list yet again! The Sand & Sea hat is also at the top of the charts because of it's simple but fun-to-knit Fair Isle patterning.

Top mitts to keep your fingers warm:

Mittens are the best. My hands are always cold and I have to say, the Miss Match Mittens are my favorite thing to grab when I walk the dog this time of year. And, I've also been known to sit at my desk wearing the Techie Twosome (which may be how they got their name!) :) 

Get the patterns!

We hope you enjoyed Ewe Ewe's Best Of 2016 knitting and crochet patterns. Use code BESTOF2016 to get 25% OFF these patterns either here on eweewe.com or Ravelry through 1/7/17.

6 Cool Cowls for Warm Weather Knitting

6 Cool Cowl Knitting Patterns

Summer is a great time to knit. Toss one of these small projects in your beach bag and secretly prep for winter while catching some rays. These lightweight cowls are perfect for when the mornings start to get cooler. You'll be ready!

The Rush cowl features alternating stripes of color and lace. Find your perfect color combo of Ewe So Sporty yarn. This one uses Teal and Aquamarine.

Rocky Ridge Cowl knitting pattern is a one ball project! It has a simple lace pattern that is great for a beginner looking to move on to a new challenge because it's not too big. Try it in your favorite color of Ewe So Sporty yarn.

Double the squishiness here! The Color Theory Cowl holds the yarn doubled to create a tonal color shift around the loop. This one uses soft colors but bold colors look great, too!

The Snow Business Cowl can either be knit as a snuggly neckwarmer like the one shown here or sized up into a larger cowl. You choose!

Look boho chic in the Bohemian Grove cowl. Fun fringe is where it's at! This cowl comes together quickly and uses two balls of your favorite color of Ewe So Sporty yarn.

A soft and subtle pattern makes the Freckles Infinity Scarf an elegant choice. It combines basic knits and purls to create a playful dot pattern across the fabric. Pick your favorite color of Ewe So Sporty yarn and make yours now.

Take a minute to check out our yarns and find a Ewe Ewe yarn store near you!