Purl Soho: gift with purchase!

This week I ordered a pair of knitting needles from Purl Soho... who knew I didn't have every size already? But, I really wanted a pair of 12" size 8 circular knitting needles! So I ordered up a set and I got myself some other treats. But the real surprise was an adorable gift with purchase. There was a tiny muslin bag with my order that said it was an all-inclusive embroidery kit. I peeked inside and found 3 hanks of embroidery floss, a hoop, two needles and a cute pre-printed pattern. I was kind of excited but I haven't embroidered in about 20 years so I was a little scared. Before I knew it I was winding and plying my floss. My hands went to work without much help from me and I wiped right through that tall pink tree in a jiffy. I was so excited I moved on to the little green bush. I thought it would look so cute with french knots as the leaves and I tried and tried to make them but couldn't keep them together. I kept thinking back to my mother teaching me how to make them but I just couldn't get it. Google time! Sublime Stitching has the perfect tutorial on mastering Le French Knot, I got it in two tries! I went knot crazy and soon found myself dipping into the third floss color. The little pattern is all done and I'm itching for more stitching!