New @ Ewe Ewe: Enhanced + Improved Knitting Patterns

New pattern look at Ewe Ewe Yarns!

New pattern look at Ewe Ewe Yarns!

I'm excited to show you my new pattern design! Our knitting and crochet patterns have had the same layout since I started Ewe Ewe in 2011 and now that we've grown to have over 150 patterns on the line it seemed like a good time to revisit a few things. 

When Ewe Ewe began we mostly sold printed paper patterns and my design focused on being conservative with paper. I'd try to keep most patterns to a single page and only one side of that page if possible! Things have changed a lot in seven years. Most knitters buy their patterns digitally either from our website or Ravelry and that means saving paper isn't as critical. The majority of my knitting friends bring their iPad to knit night and like to have bigger, wordier patterns that focus on clarity rather than concise instructions. 

Encouraged by a fellow designer, I went ahead and reworked our pattern template! There are a lot of changes and I'm excited to show them to you.

Now Ewe Ewe knitting patterns have larger photos, designer details, helpful info about the yarn and the pattern all in one place.

Now Ewe Ewe knitting patterns have larger photos, designer details, helpful info about the yarn and the pattern all in one place.

The new layout brings a much-requested item -- a larger main photo! What's better than really having a lovely image of what you're knitting. This photo is nearly 4-times the size of the previous patterns. 

I've also color coded each pattern to coordinate with the yarn used for the design. This pattern features Ewe So Sporty merino and that means all the section identifiers are aqua and it also has its yarn identifier in the top right corner on the title page. If you hadn't noticed -- each yarn has its own color now. Ewe So Sporty is aqua, Wooly Worsted is silver, and Baa Baa Bulky is orange. Check out the yarn page and it will all make sense! 

I also added a description of the pattern along with some notes about the designer. It's always nice to learn more about both! 

Clearer pattern pages at Ewe Ewe Yarns

Clearer pattern pages at Ewe Ewe Yarns

Let's peek inside. As we turn the page the pattern specs like needle size, stitch gauge, and measurement are clearly listed at the top. I've also added a section for notes where we can talk about how the garment should fit or any extra techniques that might pop up in the pattern ahead.

Then we get to the pattern. I went with larger text and a bit wider line spacing to really give your eyes a break. That way you can isolate the instructions you need when you need them. The other great thing that came up was page numbers (even I'm confused why I didn't have those before!).

Better pattern writing happening over here at Ewe Ewe Yarns

Better pattern writing happening over here at Ewe Ewe Yarns

Along with larger pattern text we also expanded how much we write in the pattern. I don't mean that we've gone for excessively wordy patterns that have a conversation with you, but rather extra info where it might be helpful. I used to focus on writing patterns as concise as possible and sometimes that could bring up questions from knitters. Now we're trying to bring you all the knowledge right here on the pattern.

Have a pattern question? Email us!

Have a pattern question? Email us!

And to wrap it up -- the last page of the pattern now includes additional garment photos with extra detail shots. Sometimes it's nice to see how a neckline is formed or where a color change happens and we've got you covered. Plus, there's a whole section on how to get in touch with me and Ewe Ewe Yarns in the Say Hello section. There's our Ravelry page, Instagram account (follow us!), or Facebook, and my favorite, Pinterest. Also, if you have a question you can email us at It's all right there on the pattern now. Awesome!

The new pattern design is rolling out as we speak. I've updated a few of them including the Sporty Stripe Cardi shown here. Keep an eye out for this new look. Your next Ewe Ewe download might just be one of them!

Want to make the Sporty Stripe Cardi?

This is one of the best patterns on the Ewe Ewe line in my opinion. That's me in the photos and that's my Sporty Stripe Cardi that I have been wearing for 4 years. I love it! I knit it in colors that really work with my wardrobe and now it's my go-to sweater.

Sporty Stripe Cardi PDF Knitting Pattern

You will want to wear your Sporty Stripe Cardi every day, I know I do! This lightweight, open cardigan features a funky and fun-to-knit stripe pattern with a color accent at the sleeve cuffs. The cardigan is knit from the top down without seams. 

See yarn and needle requirements below.

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Ewe So Sporty Merino Yarn

Ewe So Sporty yarn is a soft, bouncy sport-weight merino wool yarn. It's perfect for sweaters, shawls, scarves, baby clothes, whatever you're looking to knit! Ewe So Sporty comes in 25 shades and has a beautiful stitch definition!

Here's the specs:

Fiber: 100% fine merino wool, superwash
Yardage: 145 yards / 132 meters to 50g
Gauge: 6 sts to 1" in on size US 4 needle.
Care: Wash your finished garment inside out in cool water. Tumble dry low if desired or reshape and lay flat to dry.

See Ewe So Sporty knitting and crochet patterns >

Price is per skein.

NOTE: We are eagerly awaiting our fall yarn order and are currently out of stock on 85 Lavender and 90 Vanilla. We hope to ship these colors by 9/9/19.

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Knitting pattern designer of the day

Hi, I'm Heather Walpole and I'm a knitting pattern designer. How fun is that? Even though I have Ewe Ewe Yarns I still do knitting patterns with OPY, Other People's Yarn! Awesome yarn. Maybe it should be OPAY? Ha.

One of the projects I had the pleasure of working on was the Gypsy Garden Pattern Booklet for Knit Collage. Did you hear me? Knit Collage. I love Amy and her yarn. Here we are at TNNA in January.

I designed the six knitting patterns in the booklet, the cowl I'm wearing up there is one of them! I also designed the layout of the booklet because I'm really a graphic designer by nature. Here's some photos of more of the Gypsy Garden goodies. Be sure to order a pattern booklet for yourself. I've seen it pop up at Purl Soho!

Meet Wooly

Isn't he adorable? He's the face of our new yarn Wooly Worsted Washable and he loves that you're here. Wooly is the work of my friend and amazing illustrator Susie Ghahremani. Have you heard of her? I love her. She is the paintbrush behind which is full of adorable gifts for you and your friends. 

When I was designing the label for Wooly Worsted Washable I thought a fluffy sheep was just the right thing for our perfectly fluffy yarn. So I went to Susie because her illustrations are perfectly cute. Susie sent me a couple of different sheep drawings before Wooly came alive. Then in one email I requested "fluffier and sassier" and POOF! Wooly was born, pink tongue and all!

He's so cute, I just want to squeeze him. Hi Wooly! I put him right on the front of the label so he can smile back at you while you're knitting away. 


xo, Heather & Wooly