Yarn Crawl LA 2014

Are you ready for the biggest yarn crawl in the country? Heck yes! Yarn Crawl LA 30 participating yarn shops that you can visit, shop and get inspiration. Ewe Ewe Yarns is proud to be sponsoring YCLA for the first time! We'll be hosting events all across the county so be sure to check back and see where we'll be. 

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Yarnover Truck {yarn shop interview}


The Stats, please:

Shop name: Yarnover Truck

Address: Somewhere Awesome, Los Angeles, CA

Website: www.yarnovertruck.com

Your name: Maridee Nelson & Barbra Pushies

How long has your shop been open?

We had our launch on March 23rd so we are just 6 weeks in!


Congratulations, that's so exciting! So what does your shop, er... truck specialize in?

We are really trying to carry a lot of local products that are made by local companies which is why we wanted to add Ewe Ewe to our stock. We have yarns, accessories and patterns all created by companies that are based here in California. We do also carry other products but the local aspect is something that we feel really sets us apart from many of the other yarn stores in the Los Angeles area. 


I love the idea of a California-centered shop! Are Californians making fun things?

Since we are so new, we haven't had too many people come back and show us their finished projects yet.  But many people have been buying yarns and told us they were making shawls.  


That's perfect for California! Are any of them Ewe Ewe patterns?

Our store really tries to show an equal amount of both knit and crochet patterns and we just love the Wearever Wrap!


I love to knit and crochet and Wooly Worsted is perfect for that. Do you have a favorite color of Wooly Worsted?

All of the colors of Wooly Worsted are so wonderful but if pushed to choose just one, it would be Red Poppy. But we are also super excited to see and start working with the new colors!

So where can knitters and crocheters find the Yarnover Truck?

We are trying out different locations every weekend. We are working to try and have a couple of regular spots that we visit every month but since we are so new we are still working those out. I think we will probably have one in Orange County, Burbank and likely Santa Monica. The best way to find us is to check our calendar of events on our website

Thanks for the chat, ladies. I can't wait to hang on the truck some day soon!

Click here to visit the Yarnover Truck.