Sip and Stitch With Us!

It's the best night of the week! The Ewe Ewe Yarns knit night is a fun crafty meet up called Sip & Stitch. We meet at Bagby Beer Company in Oceanside, CA every other Tuesday. Tonight's our night, can you make it? I hope so!

We have a great group and we talk about everything from knitting to crochet and sip away our work day with a bit of delicious craft beer. We usually have some dinner, too! We might not get much knitting done but we all love it!

Tonight we'll be upstairs from 5 to 7 pm. Check out our page to see the regular calendar and join our group. Cheers!

Sip & Stitch @ Stone

Do you love knitting? Do you love craft beer? Do you love to combine those loves? Heck, yes! Then come meet me at the Stone Tasting Room in downtown Oceanside for a little knitting and crochet fun. We'll be there from 5-7 pm on June 24. It's just a casual hangout, no classes or schedule. You can bring your own snacks or even dinner if you're hungry. There's restaurants nearby to grab a bite. It should be fun!

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Sip & Stitch @ Stone
310 N. Tremont St.
Oceanside, CA 92054