TNNA: Wholesale Yarn Trade Show

It was that time again! Twice a year I head to market to promote Ewe Ewe Yarns to yarn stores around the world. The National Needlearts Association hosts a semi-annual trade show where yarn companies, pattern designers, and notions creators can exhibit their products and yarn stores come to shop and buy in bulk for their upcoming season.

Heather Walpole of Ewe Ewe Yarns

Hello! That's me, Heather, and Ewe Ewe is my yarn company. For the weekend of the TNNA show I get to introduce our merino wool yarn to wholesale customers. We only sell in bulk at this trade show. 

Ewe Ewe has three weights of merino yarn; a sport called Ewe So Sporty, a worsted called Wooly Worsted, and new this year is our thickest called Baa Baa Bulky. All three yarns come in the same palette of bright, modern colors. All the colors work together to create a bold, bright, happy statement in a yarn shop. 

There's also a FULL pattern line to go along with the yarns. I work with designers but I also design a lot of these patterns myself. Look at all this cute stuff!

Ewe Ewe Yarns trade show booth

Ewe Ewe Yarns trade show booth

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Merino wool, it's fit for a prince!

You may have seen the new Prince of Cambridge swaddled in a beautiful blanket as he made his world debut. William and Kate had him wrapped up in this gorgeous cream-colored knit. 

Photo courtesy of AP

Photo courtesy of AP

The blanket by G. H. Hurt & Son is made of 100% merino wool which is one of the finest fibers on earth. Each strand of merino wool is thinner than traditional wools making merino softer to the touch and suitable for sensitive skin, like the skin of a newborn prince! 

Did you know that our yarn, Wooly Worsted is also made of merino wool? It is! Wooly Worsted is bouncy and soft making it great for new babies or even for mom! 


Wooly Worsted in Vanilla

Wooly Worsted in Vanilla

Try knitting with Wooly Worsted merino yarn today! Ewe Ewe has many baby blanket knitting patterns like the Sweetheart Baby Blanket or this stunner, the Sweet Pea Baby Blanket that features a simple knitted lace stitch pattern. 

Sweet Pea Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Sweet Pea Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Merino wool is a real treat. So treat yourself or the new prince in your life!  

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Reviewed! Wooly Worsted Merino Superwash on Knitters Review

We were so thrilled when the tried-and-true Knitters Review popped into our email box a couple weeks ago with a whole message about Wooly Worsted Washable! Wooly Worsted is our merino superwash wool that is so boucy and lofty you just want to squish it. Clara Parkes with her hilarious wit dub Wooly Worsted as the "Charmin of yarns," and she goes on, "the skein is intensely squeezable; the yarn, springy like a bungee cord. Knitting was swift and easy."

We're so happy Clara likes Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted as much as we do. It's a great yarn and you will love it too, try it today!

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Wool you can wash!

How many beautiful knitted sweaters have you shrunk in your life? I know I've done my share to my own sweaters and a few of my husband's too! Oops! Well, there's no need to worry about that anymore because Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted Washable is just that, washable! I mean you can throw your finished knitted garment in the washer and the dryer and you'll be able to wear it again! How fun is that?

Washable wool for knitting is also called superwash wool. Superwash wool is just as soft as regular wool, but it has been specially treated to prevent shrinking. The special treatment helps the wool remain pliable and durable so you can wear it longer. And the care is simple. Throw it in a cold wash and then toss it in a cool dryer, it couldn't be easier!

Wooly Worsted Washable is designed to be worn and loved. Whether you use it for a cuddly garter stitch baby sweater or a luxurious cowl, Wooly Worsted Washable can easily be cleaned and worn again and again. The fine merino wool fibers will stay soft and fluffy for the life of your knitting.

A real life Wooly

Shrek was a merino sheep just like our Wooly. He somehow avoided sheering for seven years by hiding in caves on his New Zealand farm making him the fluffiest sheep the world! Merino grow the most luxurious fleece out of any breed and are usually sheered annually. Shrek's 60 pounds of fleece made him adorable and a bit of an icon. I think he must have been the sassiest merino sheep and I'm so happy that Wooly can carry on his legacy.

Read more about Shrek // photo credit AP Photo