Grab a pint with me!

I wish you could! I live in San Diego county and the big thing here is craft beer. It's everywhere! And you know, breweries get chilly. I designed the Pilsner Pullover sweater to be warm, cute and casual. It has a little flair but not too much. Check it out, that's me, Heather. Hi!

When I'm not running Ewe Ewe Yarns I love to go beer tasting. There's always good food and fun people to talk to and while I like to wear my knits, I don't want to look like that-crazy-girl-that-knits-all-the-time. I like my knitting to be basic and classic with a little twist, just like the yarn itself

Pilsner Pullover knitting pattern pocket detail

The Pilsner Pullover features two colors of our Wooly Worsted yarn, color block sleeves and the cutest little accent pocket. I love that pocket! It's more of a mock-pocket since it's only about an inch deep ...because who needs more bulk on only one boob? Am I right? Ha! 

The Pilsner Pullover is a top-down raglan sweater that is sure to be your next great basic sweater. Take a look at the knitting pattern here and the Wooly Worsted merino yarn here.

Find a Ewe Ewe yarn store near you and get started!